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Linguistic and Language Wonders in India-  Old Theories Binned


1.Indian Grammar Wonder!

2.Tamil and Sanskrit: Rewrite Linguistics Theory

3.Sanskrit words in Tamil Veda Tirukkural written by Tiruvalluvar

4.Fifty Sanskrit Words and 25 Prakrit Words in Oldest Tamil Book

5.Linguists’ Myths are Exploded by Women’s Sari/ Sarees

6.Linguistic ‘Experts’ are Liars and Charlatans- 1

7.Linguistic ‘Experts’ are Liars and Charlatans- 2

8.Linguistic ‘Experts’ are Liars and Charlatans- 3

9.Linguistic ‘Experts’ are Liars and Charlatans- 4

10.Linguists’ bluffing blasted by Tamil Language

11.Origin of Tamil and Sanskrit

12.Tamil- Persian Language Link 2000 Years Ago

13.Arya Putra Ravana Spoke Sanskrit! Hanuman spoke Prakrta!

14.Sanskrit Words in Finnish, Hungarian Languages

15.How Tamil Language Changed without any External Influence

16.ORANGE – A Tamil Word or A Sanskrit Word?

17.Mystery of ‘J’and ‘Y’ in literature!

18.Age of Panini and his Knowledge about South India

(19).650 Plays Nehru on Sanskrit Wonders!!

20.Vowels = Life, Consonants = Body; Hindu concept of Alphabet from Vedic Days!!

21.Sixteen Places Where Parsis Lived before Going to Iran

22.Sixteen Places Where Parsis Lived before Going to Iran – Part two

23.Hippos in Greek is Sanskrit ‘Asva’

24.Brahui Theory Incorrect?

25.Avestan Language is  Junior to Sanskrit; It is like Prakrit

26.Linguistics shows the Hindu Migratory Route !

27.How did Tamils Get ‘Aayiram’/1000 from Sanskrit?

28.Rig Vedic Sanskrit Words in Sangam Tamil Literature – 1

29.Rig Vedic Sanskrit Words in Sangam Tamil Literature – 2 

30.Rig Vedic Sanskrit words in Sangam Tamil literature- 3

31.Rig Vedic words in Sangam Tamil Literature – 4

32.Rig Vedic Words in Tamil Sangam Literature-Part 5

33.Sanskrit in China; 1000 students and 18 Saints arrested!

34.Tamil Grammarian Tolkappiar – A Great Ssanskrit Scholar

35.Word Research shows Sanskrit is the Oldest Language!

36.Rig Vedic ‘Kurira’ in Sangam Tamil Literature

37.Vrka in Rig Veda, Viruhu in Tamil and Vrka in Panini- A study

38.Tamil and Sanskrit names in Cambodian Inscriptions and Folktales

39.Three Hundred Languages in London & Gang Slang

40.Language Matters in Sanskrit Couplets

41.English Phrases from India

42.Q & A on Tamil Words in Sanskrit

43.Linguistic Knowledge of Vedic Hindus

44.Max Muller’s Sanskrit Knowledge – Abhedananda’s Comment

45.Origin of Sri= Sir = Thiru (Sanskrit/English and Tamil)

46. Auspicious Words in Sanskrit and Tamil Books



Linguistic and Language Wonders in India-  Old Theories Binned (book title)


This is a book that explodes old theories on linguistics and languages. I have been doing research in languages and linguistics for over 40 years. I have found that even Avestan in Persia (now Iran) is following the same rules as Tamil. Sanskrit language’s relation to European languages is well known. I have found some new rules that show Sanskrit and Tamil have originated from same source. Any word from any old language can be traced to Tamil or Sanskrit. Only problem is to find out patiently the missing links to trace them.

Another discovery is that the travel of letter ‘J’ from India shows the migratory route of Indian languages to other parts of the world. J = Y change is interpreted wrongly by all foreign books. One more discovery is that the alphabetical order of hymns in old Tamil and Sanskrit books follow an amazing similarity. My important discovery is about the quantitative and qualitative production of literature in Sanskrit before 800 BCE, when Greeks did not even take their pen to write Iliad and Odyssey. Hindus not only produced a lot of religious books, but also works on Etymology, Grammar, and Linguistics around that time. This is the big difference between the Western world and India. I have also found the fraudulent writings in the name of Dravidian languages. It is not a separate language family. The biggest linguistic fraud is about Brahui. No one can find even ten similar words in Tamil and Brahui. They are genetically, morphologically, and anthropologically dissimilar as well. I have explained all these things in the articles that I Published in my blogs from 2011. I welcome comments on my theories or hypothesis. Any authoritative negative or positive comment will help future researchers.

London Swaminathan

April 2023



Title-  Linguistic and Language Wonders in India- Old Theories Binned

Author – London Swaminathan (Santanam Swaminathan)

Language- English)

Published  – April   2023

Subject –Linguistics



Santanam swaminathan (London swaminathan)

Educational Qualifications: B.Sc, M A (History), MA (Lit)

Higher Diploma in French and Sanskrit

DOB  6-11-1948

Work Experience- Now retired.

Worked for Dinamani News paper, Madurai as Senior Sub Editor until 1986,

BBC Tamil Producer in London 1987-1991,

Manager of Tamil Malayalee Health Project and London Tamil Sangam,

Tamil Tutor at SOAS, University of London 1993 to 2014.

Living with his wife and two sons in London from 1987.


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07951 370 697

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Over 7000 articles in English and Tamil and 100 Tamil and English Books

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India, Britain, USA, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, and Greece

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