Part 18- More Devi Temples 108 Famous Hindu Shrines in Maharashtra (Post No.12,036)

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Post No. 12,036

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We have already seen Four Shakti Temples that are known as Sade Teen (actually 3 and half) Shakti Peethas. They are a) Saptashringi temple in Vani, Nashik b) Mahalakshmi temple at Kolhapur, c) Tulja bhavani temple at Tuljapur,  d) Renuka ma temple at Mahur, Nanded. Among the modern temples, Mumbai Mhalakshmi in also popular.   But there are more goddess temples in Maharashtra . Let us visit them today.

89. Renuka Mata Glass Temple in Sonai

Renuka mata (maathaa) is mother of lord Parshuram, (sixth avatar of lord vishnu). There is a beautiful Renuka mata temple near famous Shanishingnapur Shani temple.

The temple is also known as glass temple because the walls and pillars are decorated with glass.

the whole temple complex is built by  expert sculptors from Rajasthan by using the shank. This is the only temple of this kind in world.

It is in Ahamadnagar – aurangabad national high way road. It is about 3 kms from Sonai gram. Sonai means Swarna,/gold. Macheendranathji has dropped a solid piece of gold on this land and known as Sonai .


90.Vajreswari Devi Temple with Hot Springs

Vajreshwari devi temple is located in the town Vajreshwari, 75 km away from Mumbai. The place is famous for its Hot Springs

Narrow lanes are littered with flowers, pilgrims walk barefoot on the hot concrete and there are hawkers selling platters comprising incense sticks, vermilion, camphor and coconuts for the goddess.

Vajreshwari is at the foot of the Mandakini Mountain, which was formed owing to a volcanic eruption. It is this proximity that accounts for the many hot springs in this region.

n 1739, Maratha warrior Chimaji Appa attacked Vasai Fort, which belonged to the Portuguese. Before he set out to fight the powerful Europeans, he prayed to Goddess Vajreshwari on the way, and in return for a successful belting of the Christians, he promised to build a grand temple in her honour. After his effective conquest, he fulfilled his promise. The temple is reached after a steep climb, and at its doors, there are huge boards that proudly advertise the conquest by Chimaji Appa.

A small climb from the temple leads to a point from where there is a good view of the distant hills.

About a kilometre from the famed temple is a curious place called Akloli where a cluster of seven hot springs are trapped in 5-ft-deep cement tanks. The hot springs are said to have curative powers. In the backdrop of the hot springs is the Tansa River.

Hundreds take a bath in these tanks in very hot water. There are other tanks, where the water is pleasantly warm.

Vajreswari means The Thuderbolt Goddess. There is a festival held in Chaitra month.


91.Ganeshpuri Temple

About 2km from Vajreshwari is Ganeshpuri, a town filled with temples. Here there is a Nityanand Mandir that was built in the memory of a great loin-clothed sage who took samadhi here over five decades ago, in 1961. The temple is a marble and granite structure that has a quiet, peaceful ambience. Aarti is held five times a day at the temple, and pilgrims can also to stay here.

Near the temple are three hot spring tanks, which are usually not as crowded as the ones in Akloli. The river that runs behind the temple has a tank called Agni Kund that is accessible during dry seasons. Here the water is so hot that villagers say they bundle rice in a clean cloth and dip it in. In a few minutes the rice is cooked!

Distnace : Mumbai (86km/2hrs); Nearest railhead: Virar (34km/hr).

92. Satpuda Manudevi Temple, Adgaon in jJlgaon – She is the kuladevi of many people staying in the Jalgaon district.

93. Parvati hill temple, Pune – temple is situated on a hill top. it was build during peshwa time. you have to climb 108 steps to reach the temple.

94. Mata Mandir Koradi, Nagpur – old temple dedicated to Jagadamaba Mata

95. Sitladevi temple, Mahim, Mumbai

96. Ekvira Devi Temple, Lonavala

96. Ekvira Devi Temple, Lonavala – she is avatar of Renuka mata (maathaa).This temple is located near the Karla caves near Lonavala. It is believed that the temple was built by Pandavas in one night. Ekveera devi wanted to test their devotion. So she put this condition that temple has to be built in one night only. Pandavas made this beautiful temple in one night. Then Ekvira devi blessed Pandavas that they won’t found out by anyone during one year of secret exile period.

97. Amba Devi temple at Amaravati – this old temple is situated at the heart of the Amaravati city, 155 km from Nagpur. As per legend, lordKkrishna married Rukmini after abducting her when she came to pray at the Amba Devi temple. This temple is popular in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.


A cave temple to Kamalbhairi. A festival is held for three days from Maha Sivaratri. The image is carried in procession in a palanquin.

The Kamalbhairi temple blocks the southeast end of the Kamalbhairi cave. The cave can be reached after a steep ascent of about quarter mile. The cave is about 40 ft long and 30 ft deep and it has an oblong pond.



The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has restored the original Rupnarayan image of Vishnu in a Nagara style temple made of red laterite stone.  It is in Diveagar four hours from Mumbai. 165 kilometres.

The original temple structure no longer exists.

It housed a elaborate statue of Vishnu. Legend has it that the Portugese invaders took the sculpture aboard a ship which met with an accident at sea, and through the wreckage, the statue made its way to the shores of Diveagar.

Now standing on a square base, the shikhara (temple top) gradually inclines inwards in a convex curve, much like the Maratha style of architecture.

Other tourist attractions: Known for its pristine beaches, Diveagar is also the gateway to visit the island fort of Janjira. 20km from Diveagar is yet another quaint beach — Harihareshwar.



1          Sri Jwala Narasimha Temple in Kole Narasimhapur, Walva, Sangli District, Maharashtra.

2          Shri Ugra Narasimha Temple, Holi, Nanded, Maharashtra

3          Sri Laxmi Narasimha Temple, 1420 Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra.

4          Shri Laxmi Narsimha Temple in Ranjani, Tal Ambegaon, near Manchar, District Pune, Maharashtra.

5          *Tathavade, Near Chinchwad, Pune district, Maharashtra

6          *Nira Narsingpur, Indapur taluq, Pune district, Maharashtra

7. At Post – Nittur, Taluka – Chandgad, Dist- Kolhapur (around 40 km inside Maharashtra from Belgaum. It is said that this temple was built by Pandvas when they were in exile. This is ancient temple in a big rock, it is engraved in a big solid rock

8          Pokharni, Parbhani district, Maharashtra.

9          Sangawade, Taluka Karveer, District Kolhapur, Maharashtra

10       Shree Lakshmi Narsimha Temple, Dhom, Tal. Wai, District Satara, Maharashtra.


100.Shri Laxmi Narsimha Temple

The Laxmi Narsimha Temple (श्री लक्ष्मी नृसिंह देवस्थान) is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha, an Avatar of Vishnu, located in Pune district The temple is located at the confluence of Bhima river and Nira river, at the south eastern tip of Pune district, in Indapur taluka. Shri Narsimha of Nira Narsingpur is the family deity of many people from Maharashtra the prominent ones being the family of the deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis,

The construction of the ghat was completed in 1527. The current structure of the temple was built in 1787 . Raghunath Rao Vinchurkar completed it in 1787.

To be continued………………………..

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