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Cleaning out the bank!

Upon being questioned as to the occupation of his father, the young man replied,

He cleans out the bank.

Janitor or President? was the final question.


Identification, Please!

Pausing for a moment before completing the final transaction before him, the teller in the bank peered at the young lady and asked ,

I am sure that this check is alright, but could you show me some positive identification?

The young lady seemed about to turn away: then in a faltering tone, she said,

I have a mole on my thigh just above the knee.


Your loving wife Ethel!

A young bride walked into a bank to cash a cheque. She was somewhat taken aback when the clerk informed her that the cheque would have to be indorse d before by her before it could be cashed.

Why, it is a good cheque. My husband sent it to me. He is away on business.

Yes, Madam, it is perfectly alright. But please sign it on the back so that your husband will know that you got the money.

The bride walked to the writing desk, seemed to be lost in deep contemplation for a moment, and then returned to the tellers window and handed the cheque to him.

Great was his surprise when he saw scrawled across the back of the cheque,

Your loving wife Ethel.


No Funds, Madam!

Returning home one evening a father was accosted by his daughter in the hallway of their home.

Indignantly the daughter said,

Father, why in the world, did you tell me to put my money in such a bank? Why it is absolutely on the rocks?

What, said her father, why that is one of the strongest banks in the country. What do you mean by such a statement?

Waving a cheque in the air, his daughter replied,

Look at this. It is my cheque for $25 and it was returned today by the bank and marked,

No Funds.

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