Are Politicians Honest? Interesting Campaigning Anecdotes!


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Date: 27 October 2015

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Political orators are not known for their gentle remarks when attacking an opponent. A particularly vicious example of this is the remark made by John Randolph about Edward Livingston.

“He is a man of splendid abilities, but utterly corrupt. Like a rotten mackerel by moon light, he shines and stinks.”


Roosevelt Heckled

Once Theodore Roosevelt was making a political speech during one of his campaigns, when a heckler interrupted him from the large crowd with a repeated and slightly inebriated cry, “I am a Democrat”.

Roosevelt was generally a dangerous man to heckle. Pausing in his speech and smiling with oriental unction, he leaned forward and said, “May I ask the gentleman why he was a democrat?”

The voice replied, “My grandfather was a Democrat, my father was a Democrat, and I am a Democrat”.

Roosevelt said, “My friend, suppose your grandfather had been a jackass, and your father had been a jackass, what you would be?”

Instantly the reply came back, “A Republican!”



Go and Take Rest!

Fellow citizens, said the candidate. I have fought against the (Red) Indians. I have often had no bed but the battlefield, and no canopy but the sky. I have marched over the frozen ground till every step has been marked with blood.

His story told well, till a dried up looking voter came to the front. Did you say that you had fought for the Union?

Yes, replied the candidate.

And against the (American) Indians?

Yes, many a time, said the candidate.

And you had slept on the ground with only the sky for a roof?


And your feet bled in marching over the frozen ground?

That they did, cried the exultant candidate.

Then I will be darned if you hadn’t done enough for your country. Go home and rest. I will vote for the other fellow.


barn and hay

Pretending Candidate

A candidate for a minor county office had depicted himself as a true man of the people. A delegation once called on him at his country home. The candidate received them in his shirtsleeves and with a pitchfork in his hand. Saying that he was busy, he consented to talk with them if they would conduct the little meeting in the barn, where he had some hay to pitch into the loft. They all trotted down to the barn but found no hay there.

“Hiram”, asked the candidate of his hired man, “where is the hay?”

“Sorry, sir”, was the man’s reply. I have had time yet to throw it back since threw it up for yesterday’s delegation”

Source : An old book of anecdotes.