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Post No.7905

Date uploaded in London – 30 April 2020   

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1.— 8 letters – Future is the meaning; it is attached to a Purana which predicts about future happenings

6.—7– This seer took the Hindu culture to S E Asian countries

7. – 6- Vishnu’s shortest incarnation

9. —8– Narasimha temple in the Hills in Kurnool district

10. -5—Indian currency notes are printed here.



1.—8 letters—- God with six qualities

2. —6– famous Sanskrit thesaurus

3.—5– on the first day of Chitra/ Mesham month Malayali Hindus celebrate it

4.—8– Krishna’s colour

5.—5– eye ; used as suffix with Goddesses of Madurai, Kanchi, Kasi etc

8. – 3- Sanskrit preposition or adverb meaning towards, over

11. – 6- feminine name; easy in Sanskrit ( go from bottom to top)