What is Happiness? Where is Happiness? (Post No.3592)

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Date: 31 JANUARY 2017


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Following verses are available in Sanskrit literature. The verses and the proverbs are the summary of our ancient wisdom.


1.Santosah kartavyah/ Contentment to be had


Svadaaraa–With one’s own wife

Bhojana–In eating

Dhana–With one’s own wealth


Santosastrishu kartavyah svadare bhojane dhane

Subaashita ratna bhaandaagaaram




2.Aagame sukh am, nirgame praanasankatam/ Happiness during association , sorrow in separation 




Svaanamaithuna–Copulation of dogs


Adhikaram ca garbham ca Vitaminwater ca svaanamaithunam

Agame sukhamapnoti nirgame praanasankatam




3.Types of Bliss

Visayaananda–Worldly happiness

Yogaananda–Bliss through yoga

Advaitananda–Non dual bliss

Videhaananda–Bliss beyond body

Brahmaananda–Supreme bliss


Vishaye yoganandau dwavadvaitananda Eva ca

Videhanando vikyata brahmanandasca pancamaah


4.Dance is the climax of delight –Granthasthagaathegaaku

5.To reside in the same place for long, is unconducive to pleasure Mahabharata 3-36-36

6.Whom does not soothing speech console? Bharata Manjari


7.If contented, who then is rich or poor? Vairagya Sataka.53


8.The wise must make others happy – that itself is the worship of the Divine

(santosam janayepraajnaah tadaiva Isvara puujanam)-Sanskrit Proverb


9.No wealth equal to Happiness – Pancatantra 2-162

(santosa tulyam dhanamasti naanyat)


10.The happy achieve, the weeping scorch others—Sanskrit Proverb

(hasadbhih kriyate karma rudadbhih paripacyate)