Know these Ten “J”s (Post No.3584)

Picture of River Ganga (Jahnavi)

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Date: 28 January 2017


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Post No.3584



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Five “J” s difficult to obtain


Jananii- Mother


Jaahnavii- Ganga, river Ganges

Janaardhana- Lord Vishnu

Janaka- Father


Jananii janmabhuumiscajaahnavii ca janaardhanah

Kanaka pancamascaiva jakaaraah Pancha durlabaah

-Subaashita ratna baandaakaaram157-170


Five “J” s who never attain contentment


Jaamaataa-Son in law


Jaayaa – wife




Jaamataa jatharam jaayaa jaatavedaa jalaasayah

Puuritaanaiva puuryante jakaaraah panca durbaraah

-Subaashita ratna baandaakaaram157-169


If you think deeper on each J you will know why our forefathers compiled this list of J-s. When they say Janaka=Father they mean an illustrious father who is praised as an example for other fathers. When they say Jananai= Mother , they mean an illustrious mother like Jeejabhai, who created a hero like Veera Shivaji.