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A moving example of deserted genius was the poet, Heinrich Heine . When the great German lyricist lay on his mattress death bed in a poverty ridden Parisian garret,  all had forsaken him except his friend Hector Berlioz (controversial French composer). Moved by this sole demonstration of loyalty, the dying poet commented bitterly,

“I always thought you were an original, Berlioz”.


Houdini Magic

Charles Dillingham and Florence Ziegfeld, both eminent producers and both now deceased, were the pall bearers at the funeral of the great escape artist, Houdini (died in 1926) . As they lifted the beautiful and heavy casket to their shoulders, Dillingham whispered to Ziegfeld,

Suppose he isn’t here?


Chinese Tit for Tat !

A Chinese servant asked permission of his master to attend the funeral of a friend, also Chinese. The man gave his permission and jokingly added

I suppose you will follow the old Chinese custom of putting food on the grave.

Yes,sir, was the answer.

And,still laughing the man said, when do you suppose the food will be eaten?

The man was somewhat shaken out of his Occidental complacency when his servant replied,

As soon as, sir, as the friend you buried last week will smell the flowers you put on his grave.


Lord Chesterfield

Lord Chesterfield, before his death, was so infirm, whenever he went out in his coach the horses were generally led step by step. In this situation he was one morning met by an acquaintance, who congratulated his lordship on being able to take the air.

I thank you kindly sir, says his lordship but I do not come out so much for the air, as for the benefit of rehearsing my funeral.

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