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Infidelity Anecdotes



Pauline Bonaparte was in love with Freron, a commissioner of the Convention. She wrote him,
I love you always and most passionately. I love you forever, my beautiful idol, my heart, my appealing lover. I love you, love you, love you, the most loved of lovers, and I swear never to love any one else!

Soon after she fell in love with Junot who became a Field marshal.



French politician (WIKIPEDIA)

Pauline Bonaparte was an Italian noblewoman, the first sovereign Duchess of Guastalla in Italy, an imperial French Princess and the Princess consort of Sulmona and Rossano. wikipedia.org


Charles Coghlan, the actor, known not only for his great wit and resourcefulness, but also for his fondness for the ladies. One day his wife left him to go on a week end trip. She had scarcely left the house when Coghlan contacted a very charming young lady, inviting her to come to his home for dinner.

Mrs Coghlan forgetting of something of importance, returned home just in time to see her husband help the girl from a cab. No whit dismay ed, Coghlan blandly introduced the two women.
My dear, said he, turning to his wife, allow me to present Miss Johnson.
Miss Johnson, Mrs Coghlan.

The two ladies glared speechlessly at each other, while Coghlan said,

“I know you two ladies have ever so many things you want to say to each other, so I will ask to be excused”.
Where upon he lifted his hat, stepped into the cab and was driven away.



When Shelley was undoubtedly carrying on an affair with Jane Williams, he got his obsession of death by water mixed up with his search for the absolute in terms of women . He took Jane rowing far out to sea. Suddenly he went into a trance, then leapt forward and cried,
Now let’s solve the great mystery together.
Jane who was a brilliant woman and one of the most congenial of his “sisters “, had to exercise the greatest tact to keep him from upsetting the boat, and he did upset it after they were in shallow water.

P. B Shelley, in a letter to his wife, telling her he had eloped with Mary Godwin, and asking her to join them,
‘Please bring my flute’.





SHELLEY, English Poet, Novelist and Essayist

Born August 4, 1792

Died July 8, 1822

Age at death 29

P B Shelley was one of England’s greatest Romantic poets. He was born into a wealthy noble family. He was educated at Eton college, where his radical views on politics and religion earned him a nick name ‘Mad Shelley’. While still at Eton and aged just 18, he published his first book, a gothic horror novel called Zastrozzi. In 1811 he was expelled from Oxford University for writing an anti-Christian pamphlet.


The same year 19 year old Shelley shocked his family even more by secretly marrying 16 year old Harriet Westbrook. This was the start of Shelly’s adventurous life of elopements and restless travels. Three year later Shelley eloped with Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, who became Mary Shelley and who wrote the famous novel Frankenstein. Harriet killed herself in 1816, and Shelley married his new love. Mary and Shelley moved around constantly; they travelled around Europe and lived in many different towns in England. Shelley wrote his poetry in short bursts of intense creativity. His poems such as Alastor and Ozymandias, overflow with intense emotion and radical ideas that were not always appreciated by readers of his time.


In 1818 Shelley and Mary left England to live in Italy. He completed some of his greatest poetry there, including his masterpiece Prometheus Unbound. A few years later, on a short sea voyage along the Italian coast, Shelly’s small sail boat was caught in a storm and he was drowned. He was just 29 years old, but he had written poetry hat established him as one of the greatest English poets.



1810 Zastrozzi

1813 Queen Mab

1816 Alastor

1818 The Revolt of Islam

1818 Ozymandias

1819 The Cenci

1820 Prometheus Unbound

1821 Adonais

Published after he died

1824 The Triumph of Life


Shelley was Tamil Poet Bharatiyar’s favourite poet.


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