“My father always………”- Jahangir about Akbar! (Post No.2675)


Jahangir holding a portrait of Akbar.

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Date: 29 March,2016

Post No. 2675

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“My father always associated with the learned of every creed and religion: especially the Pundits and the learned of India, and, although he was illiterate, so much became clear to him through constant intercourse with the learned and the wise, in his conversations with them, that no one knew him to be illiterate, and he was so well acquainted with the niceties of verse and prose compositions that his deficiency was not thought of.


In his august personal appearance he was of middle height, but inclining to be tall; he was of the hue of wheat; his eyes and eyebrows were black, and his complexion rather dark than fair; he was lion-bodied with a broad chest and his hands and arms long. On the left side of his nose he had a fleshy mole, very agreeable in appearance, of the size of half a pea. Those skilled in the science of physiognomy considered this mole a sign of great prosperity and exceeding good fortune. His august voice was very loud, and in speaking and explaining, had a peculiar richness.


In his actions and movements he was no like the people of the world and the Glory of God manifested itself in him.  Notwithstanding his kingship, his treasures, his fighting elephants and Arab horses he never by a hair’s breadth placed his foot beyond the base of humility before the Throne of God, and never for one moment forgot Him.


He associated with the good of every race and creed and persuasion, and was gracious to all in accordance with their condition and understanding. He passed his nights in wakefulness, and slept little in the day. The length of his sleep during a whole night and day was not more than a watch and a half.  He counted his wakefulness at night as so much added to his life.  His courage and boldness were such that he could mount raging, rutting elephants and subdue to obedience murderous elephants.”

—Emperor Jehangir’s Memoirs