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Date: 28 June 2019

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Important Days- July 4 Swami Vivekananda’s Samadhi day; 13- Catur Masya Vrat begins; 14-  Wimbledon Tennis Final, World Cup Cricket Final; 16- Gurpurnima; 31- Adi Amavasyai

Auspicious Days- July 4, 8,11, 15.

New moon days- 2, 31; Full moon day – 16.

Ekadasi Hindu Fasting Days- 12/13. 28

July 1 Monday
How can the world reward rain? Likewise too duty/ help requires no reward – Tirukkural 211

July 2 Tuesday

Service is the supreme dharma – Sarngadara paddati

July 3 Wednesday

Doing good to others is the best virtue of all – Tirukkural 213

July 4 Thursday

Benevolence is the universal father, and kindness the mother – Sanskrit saying- upakaro jagattatah, visvasya Janani daya,

July 5 Friday

Only the man who acts in conformity with the world may be called a living being. The others will be counted among the dead – Tirukkural 214

July 6 Saturday

What do not the grateful give unasked to  their benefactors? – Bharata manjari

July 7 Sunday
Wealth in the hands of a liberal person is like a useful tree bearing fruits in the middle of a town square.- Tirukkural 216

July 8 Monday
Even animals acknowledge favours received – Pratima Nataka

July 9 Tuesday
If a noble minded benevolent person comes by the wealth that wealth is like a medicinal tree accessible without hindrance Tirukkural -217

July 10 Wednesday

Without danger knocking on the door of  one’s benefactors where arises the chance to reciprocate ?- Valmiki  Ramayana 7-40-24

July 11 Thursday

The poverty of a charitable person is his embarrassment in his inability to render help to others Tirukkural -219

July 12 Friday

Forget not all the good done, because of one single act of irreverence – Jataka mala

July 13 Saturday

If loss of wealth results from helping others, such loss is worthy of having even at the price of one’s own life – Tirukkural 220

July 14 Sunday

Help begets blessings and curses – Panca Tantra 3-102

July 15 Monday

Even the heaven and earth cannot recompose the help rendered by one who is under no obligation Tirukkural -101
 shame upon a selfish life – Sarngadara paddati

July 16 Tuesday

A help rendered in time of need, however small it may be , should be regarded as much larger than even the world – Tirukkural 102
one ever immersesd in helping others invites his own doom – Kahavatratnakar

July 17 Wednesday

The value of help rendered without any expectation of recompense is larger than even ocean Tirukkural -103

July 18 Thursday

July 18 Thursday

The prosperity of the noble is for totality – Nitipradipa

July 19 Friday

Though the help rendered is as small as a grain, it will be considered large as a tree by those who appreciate the value of it. Tirukkural -104

July 20 Saturday
paropakara midam Sairam – vikrama caritam – this body is for helping others.

July 21 Sunday
The worth of a kindly deed/ help cannot e measured; its worth depends upon the quality of the receiver Tirukkural -105

July 22 Monday
How can the service of the noble go in vain?- Katha sarit sagara

July 23 Tuesday

Forget not the friendship of the pure hearted; forsake not the friends who rendered help in times of distress. – Tirukkural 106

July 24 Wednesday

 I consider that for the noble, there is nothing nobler than serving others- Subhasitaratnavali

July 25 Thursday

The noble minded will remember for seven births the friendship of those who saved them from affliction- Tirukkural 107

July 25 Thursday

The noble minded will remember for seven births the friendship of those who saved them from affliction- Tirukkural 107

July 26 Friday

The good hearted unconditionally help others –Subhasita ratna kanda manjusa

July 27 Saturday
Forget not a good turn done to you; but it is proper that you should forget forthwith the wrong done to you 108

July 28 Sunday
There may be forgiveness for any sin but not for ingratitude- Tirukkural 110
July 29 Monday

The wrong done by a man, however grave they may be, will be forgotten when the one good turn done by him is remembered – Tirukkural 109

July 30 Tuesday


July 31 Wednesday
They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive- Swami Vivekananda