My Visit to Horoscope Temple (Post No.6264)

Written  by London swaminathan

Date: 14 April 2019

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Post No. 6264

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It is said that Brahma hasn’t got many temples in Tamil Nadu. They say Pushkar in Rajasthan and a few places got temples for Brahma, one among the trinity. But to my surprise I saw a huge statue of Brahma thronged by a big crowd in Thiruppattur Brahmapureeswar temple in Tamil Nadu. Though the main shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva, Brahma was the sought after god there. The reason being people believed that He will rewrite your bad fate in your favour.

Lot of devotees came with their horoscopes written in note books and others came with A 4 size notes or Foolscap size note books. If some astrologers have written something bad will happen to you during such and such period, you may give your written prediction to the priest there. He collects and takes all  of them to the God (in the form of statue) and return them to the respective devotee after Puja. Scores of note books of horoscopes changed hands during my short stay at the temple.

Apart from this belief, the statue itself was big and beautiful with sandal paste applied all over.

Where is Tiruppattur?

It is near Trichy. It is 34 kilometres from Trichy.Sa amyapuram is in between Trichy and Tiruppattur. When you google for this place you will be misled easily to other two Thiruppathurs in Tamil Nadu.

What is there?

In addition to a huge Brahma statue, there are 12 lings believed to be installed by Brahma himself. He worshipped Lord Shiva to get out of the curse.

Everyone must visit this beautiful temple. It was sung and praised by Saint Sundarar, one of the great Four Saivite saints.

My visit to Kidney Stone Cure Temple

Strange are the beliefs of Hindu devotees. They strongly believe that the stone Nataraja and the water tank inside the temple will cure kidney stones. Faith can do wonders. Probably some faithful got cured and spread the word.

Whether one has got Kidney stone or not, this Nataraja is rare because it is made up of stone. Other Natarajas (Dancing form of Lord Shiva) are made up of metals such as Pancha loka (Five metal alloy).

Here the Shiva Linga is in main shrine.

Where is it?

Just 43 kilometres from Trichy.

Name of the Lord – Suddha Rathneswar

It must be at least 1400 years old; Sung by Appar, one of the Four Great Saivite saints.

Why, Why, Why?

What amazed me and my brother who visited the temple in the last week of March 2019 is the location of oottathur, Karkudi and Tiruppattur temples. Why did the Choza kings chose some unknown distant locations and built temples in the middle of the green fields?

How did they bring huge stones into the middle of green fields?

Why did they choose such locations?

There is no rocks or hills in the near vicinity. There must be some mysterious reasons to choose such locations. Even my driver commented that the roads are zigzag like they were thousands of years ago. That shows it was not planned like the Big Temple of Thanjavur or Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple of Madurai. These temples in the remotest green fields came as Swayabmu Lingas (spontaneous growth) and were appreciated by the kings because of their miraculous powers. Their survival for 1500 years or more itself is a proof of their mysterious powers!