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Largest and longest stone inscription in the world is in Rajasthan,India.

It has 1106 Sanskrit slokas detailing the history of Mewar from 7th century to 17th century.

They are inscribed on 25 marble slabs. It was composed by a Telegu Brahmin who went to Rajasthan with his family. He has done a book in 24 cantos. The whole book is on the slabs.

Where is it?

About 40 miles from Udaipur is Lake Raj Samand (Raja Samudra). On the banks of this artificial lake is the inscription. It is 400 years old.

First Woman to write an Epigraph!

First woman epigraph writer was Lota of Nasik. She engraved historical information during the reign of Gautami putra Satakarni who ruled 2000 years ago.

Encyclopaedic information about 800 Sanskrit and Prakrit poets of Indian inscriptions is in a book by Prof. Disalkar published from Pune.

When I read about Ranachota Bhatta, who proclaimed himself as Telenganapati in the book, I googled for information. To my surprise there was only one article in the Times of India about this world wonder. Then I went to University of London Library and gathered some information.

Please see the interesting information about Rana Raj Sing, Princess Charumati, beautiful marble temples around Raja Samand.

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