Sweeter than liquor is love (Post No.6953)


Compiled by London  Swaminathan


 Date: 30 AUGUST 2019

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Post No. 6953

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This month’s calendar has Thirty Quotations on the Lover, Husband and Beloved

FESTIVAL DAYS- Sept.2 Ganesh Chaturthi, 3 Rishi Panchami,6 Radhashtami and Mahalakshmi Vrata begins, 11 Onam and Bharatiyar Anniversary, 14 Mahalaya Paksham Begins, 18 Mahabharani, 22 Madhyashtami & Mahalasmi Vrata ends, 28 Mahalaya Amavasai, 29 Navaratri begins.

NEW MOON- Sept 28

FULL MOON- Sept 13


AUSPICIOUS DAYS- SEPT.1,2,4,8,11,12,16

1  September Sunday

A beloved remains beloved despite doing the unpleasant
Hitopadesam 2-133

2  September Monday

The pleasant done by the one disliked remains unpleasant.
Apriyena krtam priyamapi dveshyam bhavati

3  September Tuesday
Which endearing soul will not the loving win over?
Brhat Katha Manjari

4  September Wednesday
Who when alive will bear the discomfiture of his beloved?
Bharata Manjari 4-3-115

5  September Thursday
Man always considers his beloved to be virtuous.

Sisupalavadha 15-14

6  September Friday
In this world, men hold two things dear- Friends and Women
Mrccha katika

7  September Saturday
It does not behove to to be totally independent of one’s beloved 

8  September Sunday

Speak to me if you do not depart. About your quick return, speak to those who live-Tirukkural 1151

9  September Monday
Will not the bracelets slipping from my hands proclaim the departure of my Lord?- Tirukkural 1157

10  September Tuesday
Painful is to live in a friendless place; but far more painful is to part from one’s lover- Tirukkural 1158

11  September Wednesday
Fire burns only when touched. But like love sick hearts, can it burn on parting?- Tirukkural 1159

12  September Thursday
Many live bearing the pangs of separation. But I have no hope of surviving this painful parting- Tirukkural 1160

13  September Friday
Sweeter than liquor is love; for even to think of it is ecstasy –

Tirukkural 1201

14  September Saturday
They alone win the pipless fruit of love who have won the love of their beloved- Tirukkural 1191

15  September Sunday

The motherland, though despicable, is beloved to one and all-
Katha sarit sagara

16 September Monday
Generally the eldest son is the beloved of the father 
, and the youngest of the mother. – Sanskrit saying

17  September Tuesday
Good news delivered by dear ones sounds sweeter–

18  September Wednesday
Manes prefer water offered by the loved ones–
Ramayanamanjari  3-6-206

19  September Thursday
Who will not be singed by the fire of sorrow caused by the death of a beloved relative.-Katha sarit sagara

20  September Friday
Alas, the grief arising out of the separation from loved ones is indeed insufferable.-Katha sarit sagara

21  September Saturday
Even the brave wilt on separation from the beloved
Brhat Katha Manjari.

22  September Sunday
The whole world becomes a wilderness on the death of the beloved

23 September Monday

Like the benefits conferred by clouds on them that live is the grace shown by lovers to their beloved -Tirukkural 1192

24  September Tuesday
They alone can be proud of a happy life who are loved with equal intensity by their beloved ones-Tirukkural 1193

25  September Wednesday
One sided love gives but pain. Like weights on shoulder poles, love must be balanced on both ends -Tirukkural 1196

26  September Thursday
There is none so firm and hard as a woman who still lives to love him who does not send her a kind message– Tirukkural 1198

27  September Friday

Who can bear the sudden separation from one’s beloved akin to the fall of thunder bolt?– Brhat Katha Manjari

28  September Saturday
The sole purpose of all charms is to gain the intense love of one’s beloved.-Kumara Sambhava 5-1

29  September Sunday
Even animals fathom affection and attention
Sri ramacaritabdhi ratna

30 September Monday
Sarvasya vallabho jamatha bhavati
The son in law is beloved to all-Sanskrit proverb



Bonus quotations
Sa svargo yatra me priyah 
Heaven is where my beloved is–Kahavatratnakar

What is the use of this form that has withered with unrequited love?
Brhat Katha Manjari