More Golf Anecdotes (Post No.7375)

  More Golf Anecdotes (Post No.7375)  

Compiled by London swaminathan Post no. 7375 Date 23 December 2019 Uploaded from London Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks  

Searching frantically for an almost hour , two novices at the game of golf attempted to find their balls which they had driven into the rough.
About to give up they were approached by a sweet old lady who had been watching them sympathetically,
I don’t wish to interfere, gentlemen, but would it be cheating if I were to tell you where the balls are?


A foursome at golf were going around on a course which had as its hazard a deep ravine. Three of them were caught and two of them decided to forfeit the hole rather than take a chance on having too many strokes chalcked up against them . The other decided to take his chances.
He disappeared into the ravine and others gathered around to watch his progress. Finally the ball appeared and bounced up on to the green.
How many strokes ? Asked one.
But we heard six.
Three of them were echoes.

The golfer, annoyed at the loss of his ball, started to scold his caddie for not having been more careful in watching its flight.
Replying thoughtlessly, attempting to excuse himself, the caddie said,
Well, sir, it dint usually go any where, so it sort of took me unprepared like


  A couple of day labourers, on their way home from work, stopped to watch a game of golf. They saw a golfer drive his ball into the rough; watched as he toiled to extricate himself. Then he got into sand trap and laboured, throwing up huge clouds of sand, to get himself out of his difficulty .
Finally, after getting on the Green, he managed to put the ball into the cup. One of the labourers, a burly Irishman, had been watching all this with a most sympathetic eye. Unable to repress his verbal sympathy, he said,
Now, mister, yez arre in a helluva fix.


A new member of a golf club was led to the first tee. Surrounded by grinning spectators he teed off, and with an almost miraculous drive landed the ball in the first hole. Noticing no sign of anything from his watchers, who were in fact struck speech less by this feat, he marched off to the second tee. Taking his stance again he drove at the ball, and again it went into the cup.
Waving his club as though in near disappointment he said,
Gosh, I sure thought I would missed it that time.