Truth, The Teacher (Post No. 3466)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 20 December 2016


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Post No.3466



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There was a king. He believed that life is meant only for enjoyment. He was especially fond of wearing new clothes. But he didn’t discharge properly the duties of his high office. The people, too, consequently became remiss.


One day four wise men visited the capital. When they heard of the king’s pleasure seeking ways they thought of bringing him to the right path as they were very clever. So, saluting the king, one day they said to him, “Your Highness, we are expert weavers. We can weave such fine cloth with gold and silver threads that you may have never seen anything like it. But what is still more wonderful is that the cloth is invisible to a person who does not do his work faithfully.


Hearing this, the king thought to himself, “This is a fine way of finding out who in my kingdom is neglectful and irresponsible in carrying out his duties”.


Accordingly, he asked the weavers to weave a piece of the wonderful cloth. For this purpose, he ordered the treasury officer of the State to supply them with whatever quantity of gold and silver threads they required.

The weavers started to work on the job. they, however made only noise all the time with the empty looms, though everyday they brought from the treasury  as much of gold and silver threads as they liked.

After four days, the king asked his minister to visit the weavers and find out how far they had done the job. The minister accompanied by some officers of the State set out for the weavers’ place


Hearing that minister coming with State officers, the four weavers at once set down to work on the looms.  Soon afterwards the minister and his officers arrived.  They saw the weavers working away on the empty looms, and with much concentrated attention as if they were weaving the cloth.


But though they looked at the looms with wide-open eyes  again and again, they didn’t see any cloth! The minister therefore said to himself, “Why can’t I see the cloth? Am I not doing my allotted work faithfully?”


Sensing his perplexity, the weavers smiled and asked him whether the cloth was being woven properly “Have you any suggestion to improve it ,sir?, they added.


The minister, hiding his puzzlement, however smiled back and answered, “What a wonderful cloth have you woven!  Indeed, I have never seen like of it before”. The turning to the officers he asked, “Is it not so?”


The officers, too were in a similar state of mind. They also, therefore hid their real feeling and simply endorsed the minister’s opinion.

The minister and officer then returned home.  The minister subsequently reported to the king. He was full of great admiration for the weavers’ skill.


Eight days afterwards the king accompanied by his minister, visited the weavers. He, too, had an experience like that of his minister. Though again and again he cleared his eyes with his hand kerchief to see the cloth, yet all was in vain! He also, therefore, asked himself whether he was faithful in doing his duties.

The minister, surmising what was passing through the mind of the king smiled a little and said to the king, “Your Highness, is not the cloth beautiful? Don’t you like it?”


Hearing this the king was startled! But he also pretended to endorse the opinion of the minister. The weavers said to the king, “Your Highness, the cloth is almost woven. We have worked on it very hard, indeed. Let us now take your measurement, as we would like to prepare a beautiful garment out of it for you.”


After three or four days the weavers carrying an empty tray, went to the king.  The king was utterly confused! He did not know what to do. If he told the weavers that he could not see any garment in the tray, that would be confessing that he was not worthy of being a king!


The weavers removed the clothes the king was wearing and instead put the new garment on him. But he could not see it on his body.  He pretended, however, that he was wearing the new garment. And so, did the minister and the officers. Asa matter of fact, they all exclaimed, of course hypocritically with one voice, “Your Highness, your dress is so beautiful!”

The king was then taken around the city everybody pretended that he or she saw his new dress, for fear of being found out if he spoke the truth. More, they were even full of admiration for the king’s new garment.


Just then a little boy shouted, “The king has no dress on!” This forthwith disillusioned the people.  The king too felt ashamed of himself.  A search of the weavers was ordered immediately. But they had already fled.