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We visited Portsmouth during peak season, i.e. two Music Festivals in Portsmouth and nearby Isle of Wight. So we could not get tickets on that day (28-8-2021) to go to Isle of Wight by Hovercraft. Ferries do go there, but with a long wait. So we watched from the shore. Every half hour one hovercraft came. I had been to Isle of Wight twice but ferry only, during my prison visit to see Hindu Prisoners. There are three high security Hindu prisons. High risk prisoners like rapists and murderers are kept there. (There were nine Sri Lankan Tamil Murders in my area Wembley and Edmonton in London 15 years ago.)

In Portsmouth most of the people keep dogs and cats. So we saw lot of dog walkers with a minimum of two dogs. There is a viewpoint from where you can see the downtown. We went there and saw lot of dog walkers. Our primary aim was to take grandchildren to sea side and we did it on day one (28-8-21). On day 3 , we went to West Wittering Beach near Chisester. Unless you book parking slot for your car, you are not allowed near the beach. We saw at least 1000 cars there. The beach is not good. Because the sea was one furlong away. Probably during high tides, it comes nearer to the car parking area. Moreover, the sand was not sea sand. It was powdery and blackish. So my advice is to check any beach before you go.

(In the year 1990 , the South Indian Society organised a beach tour and we went to Plymouth and Bournemouth. One is full of beautiful pebbles, and another is full of good sand. And on our way to the beaches, we went to the most famous historic monument ‘ Stonehenge’).

If you want to go to all attractions around Portsmouth you need at least one week stay there. After the Covid virus attack, you need pre booking to visit most of the museums and tourist spots. All are ticketed places. So you need a big, fat money purse!

Ferries and boats take you to different places. On two occasions, we took food in Tesco superstores; two birds in one stone. We did shopping as well as eating. The coffee was very good, and children get free food. Vegetarians are punished in Western countries; we get a few items, potato chips or boiled vegetables. We cant blame them; they are barbarians who want to kill million cows and million pigs every minute. Chicken, probably a billion!

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Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge.

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We went to Portsmouth port on 28, 29 and 30th of August 2021. This was a trip organised to show the sea, beach, port and warships to my grandchildren. Of ourse,  it is we who enjoy more than the children when we go out with them. For me it was the first trip to a warship. There were several ships in the harbour, but we chose the largest warship of Victorian period. It was huge with 40 cannons / guns on it. The length and weight of the ship will amaze anyone. Touching every part of the weaponry was a thrilling experience. Here are the interesting details in bullet points. The rest are in attached pictures.

Joined the British navy in 1861

The largest warship in the world at that time.

Name – The Warrior 

It was the pride of Queen Victoria Navy

Armoury – 40 cannons/ guns

Crew – 706 men

Length -418 feet

Speed – appr. 35 miles per hour.

It took one hour for us to go round the ship.

Three decks are there.

Now it is not in use.

Location – Portsmouth Harbour

See the pictures(taken by London Swaminathan):-

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