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Valluvar with Vibhiti from 100 year old English book

According to physicists, speed of light is the fastest thing in the universe. It is about 186,000 miles per second. If you could travel at the speed of light, you could travel around the Earth seven and a half times in a second.

The farthest spacecraft that humans have ever sent out into space, Voyager 1, is something like 20 light hours away from us. And it’s been traveling for over 40 years at like 10 miles per second. So it’s not that far in the grand scheme of things. It’s not like 1% of the speed of light with our spaceships. More like 0.001%.

But Hindus use one idiom as simile throughout the four Vedas and even in epics; that is SPEED OF MIND / THOUGHT.

No scripture in the world explains the power of mind like Hindu scriptures. But speed of light is concrete; we could see it. Speed of mind is abstract. Is it true? Is it practicable? Has anyone used it?

Hindus have been using it for Inter Galactic travel. It is shown in all Hindu feature films. Narada, the Inter Galactic Hindu messenger, appears in the sky from nowhere and in three dimensional view!  Now all the science fiction TV serials copied it and they call it Tele Transportation. It is in all Hindu Books. I believe in it and use it every day!!!

Tamils Use it

Tamils also echoed it. Tiruvalluvar says in Tirukkural (Kural 1317, 1318,1203) when a lover sneezes, his lady love turns angry saying that some other girl is thinking about him or both of them think about one another. This is very common in Hindu houses. When the food goes into one’s wind pipe while eating, they say ‘Oh, XXX is probably thinking about you’. So our thoughts travel at the SPEED OF MIND. This cliché Speed of Mind is seen throughout the Rig Veda.

As a Brahmin who does Sandhyvandana (Sun- Water Prayer thrice a day), I invoke three goddesses from a mountain and say Good Bye when I finish it. And I say to her, ‘Please go back to the Hill Top where you reside’.

When I invoke the departed souls at least once a month (My father and Mother are no more) on the Dharba Grass spread in front of me in a brass or silver plate, I give water and sesame seeds. When I finish the rituals, I ask them Please bless us 100 year life and RETURN TO YOUR ABODE BY THE SAME GOOD PATH you used to come here. That means we expect them to come from heaven in the South via good path and return by the same route. All these happen in millions of Hindu homes every day. Though ‘Father in the Heaven’ is in Semitic religions too, Hindus believe that they can travel to you at a fraction of a second from heaven. It is even in famous Gajendra Moksha Story (Elephant caught by a crocodile is saved by Vishnu).

To cut it short , Hindus believe in what Einstein did not believe or did not deal with.

Rig Veda used the cliché MANO VEGAM-Speed of Mind. All the seers use it for speed. On a practical level they use VAAYU VEGAM/ speed of wind as well. When I speak to a layman, I can’t use science jargon and so I say speed of gusty wind.

It is amazing to see this Mano Vegam throughout the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures!


How did they do it? Like you see on TV Science fiction shows they become light and travel. All the science fiction writers copied it from Hindu books. Rig Veda talks about Gods in Light form. Throughout the Vedas we see it. DEVA means Light (Deity, Divine etc are derived from it) .

It is in Vanaparva of Mahabharata as well. When Arjuna was taken to Indra Loka (Heaven at a lower level) in a spaceship by Pilot Madhali, Arjuna asked him what were these light emitting stars that I  see outside the space ship. Pilot of spaceship replies these are what people call STARS on earth, but they are holy souls. Now we know that even Egyptians followed Hindus when they built Pyramids with holes to see starts or travel to stars.

The answer for the question Is Einstein wrong? Is YES and NO.

Gods and ancestors travel at the speed of Thought, but Einstein did not say it. Perhaps the speed of Thought and Light is same. Or Thought can travel faster than light. Einstein did not THINK about this THOUGHT speed!

Practical use?

If you ask a school boy now ‘Can Man travel to Moon?’ He will say ‘Of course, we can travel to moon’. But in reality, a handful of men only did  it in  the past 50 years. That means VERY RARE. In the same way we read a lot of strange things in our Mythologies. They are not day to day events. They are remembered because they are rare. They survived for thousands of years and came to us because they are strange. It is like Guinness Book of Records!! Only rarer achievements are entered!

Last but not the least, to launch a space craft to Moon , space scientists have to do millions and millions of calculations. Nowadays computers do it. In ancient Vedic period, Rishis did it with intuition or Brain Computer. Now scientists see spaceships explode in the mid air or they are far far away from the target or destination. So you need to coordinate millions of things to succeed. It is very true with Hindu Miracles. Adi Shankara can bring a Shower of Gold Coins in a poor woman’s house (KANAKA DHARA STOTRA); Muthuswami Dikshitar can bring rain in dry area by singing Amirthavarshani Raga/tune.

Can we do the same by reciting or imitating the same sloka and same raga? Like space scientists’ million calculations you have to co ordinate a lot of things. First ‘Thri Karana Suddhi’. Purity in your Thought, Word and Deed! For a scientist to succeed in spaceship launch, Purity in Human calculations, Purity in Computer working and Purity in Weather Condition. Many of the space launches are postponed because of bad weather conditions!!



Throughout the Rig Veda , all Rishis use the word Sisters for Fingers. When Soma Rasa (herbal elixir) is extracted, they use this cliché, Oh you come through Ten Sisters or with the help of Ten Sisters. We don’t know the significance of this expression now. But it shows unity in Vedic thought.




Many words in Vedas have double meaning. This confuses the translators. May be Rishis deliberately use the pun. One American half baked ‘scholar’ (?)  say that Vedic Rishis did not know sea at all! Sindhu is river and not sea. He did not realise that a word can be used with different meanings. Other factors decide the exact meaning. If anyone opens old Tamil Dictionary, one can find 15 different meanings for one word!

Getting wrong meaning for a word (sometimes deliberately, wantonly), misled the world. Ayas is not just Iron. Asva is not just horse; Pasu is not just cow.

Tamils use PON for gold, iron and five other metals even today. Tamil poet used this Pon for gold and iron in the same book Tirukkural! Tamils use EIM PON (five gold= five metals) for many temple idols.

Vedic Rishis used Aditi (infinity or Mother of all Gods),Mitra (friend) Soma (herb, moon), Sindhu (sea, river) etc hundreds of times. For us the unity and continuity in such usage is amazing.

To be continued…………………………….

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