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A lawyer, when pleading the cause of an infant, took the child in his arms and presented it to the jury suffused with tears. This had a great effect, but the opposing counsel asked the child what made him cry.

“He pinched me” ,said the little innocent.


Joseph Choate was one of the most accomplished lawyers who ever practised in this country. At onetime in the New York courts , his opponent was a Westchester County attorney, representing a client from White plains. Having a weak case, the latter fell back in his plea to the jury upon the effort to belittle the opposing attorney, and cautioned the jury not to be hoodwinked by Choates ‘Chesterfieldian Urbanity’.

Choate, in due time, acknowledge d this by briefly admonishing jury not to be too greatly influenced by “my opponent s Westchesterfieldian suburbanity “.


When Samuel Leibovitz graduated from Cornell Law school , he consulted the Dean as to whether or not he should become a criminal lawyer.

Not that, Sam. Anything but that, said the Dean.


When Lincoln was practising law, with his partner, Mr Herndon, in Springfield, Illinois, he was approached by a would be client who wished to press a claim which involved several hundred dollars.

Before taking the case, Lincoln investigated and found that if his client won it would ruin a widow and her six children.

He wrote the following letter refusing to take up the case,

We shall not take your case, though doubtless we can gain it for you. Some things that are right legally are not right morally. But we will give you some advice for which we will charge nothing. We advise a sprightly, energetic man like you to try your hand at making six hundred dollars in some other way.


Justice Benjamin Cardozo didn’t like Washington and frequently lamented, during the sessions of the Supreme Court, that he could not return to New York.

At a dinner party where he had been expressing this sentiment, the discussion later turned to fur coats .

I won a fur coat case in New york once, said Cardozo.

My client was so overjoyed when we won that she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

Seth Richardson, Assistant Attorney General, retorted,

Well, Mr Justice, in view of the type of practice you had, I don’t wonder you want to return to New York.

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