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Date uploaded in London – –   6 NOVEMBER  2021         

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British Parliament Committee Room on Casteism 

AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK I am asked by one of my readers to send him or her my profile. They become curious after reading my 6000+ articles.




about what?

Everything under the sun; but only non fiction

I want to satisfy their curiosity. Occasionally I tell my two sons some interesting anecdotes in my life. They tell me ‘Dad You Must write your auto biography’. I told them I am neither Mahatma Gandhi nor Jawaharlal Nehru nor Paramahamsa Yogananda to write an autobiography. But circumstances force me to write something about me now and then. I wrote about Goenka Empire, RSS, Editor AN Sivaraman, My Father V Santanam, My mother Mrs Rajalakshmi Santanam, Visits to temples and Religious gatherings, Gopalakrishna Bhagavathar Bhajan, Swamiji Krishna, Swami Santhananda, Puttaparthi Baba, Kanchi Paramacharya, Sringeri Mahasannidhanam, my visits to different countries and museums and learning Sanskrit and visiting British Library in London etc. The attached pictures will tell you more about me, but very briefly:

With Writer Jayamohan in London

Who is Santanam Swaminathan or London Swaminathan-

A man born in Keelvazur near Nagapattinam on 6th November 1948, but lived mostly in Madurai, called by British Broadcasting Corporation to do BBC Tamil broadcasting on 1st January 1987.

Worked for 43 years continuously from February 1, 1971 until January 31, 2014 as

Senior Sub Editor, Dinamani, Madurai for 16 years

BBC Tamil Broadcaster/Producer for 6 years or less

Part Time Tamil Tutor at SOAS, University of London from 1994 to 2014

Same time as Cambridge Tamil Examiner

Other part time work included Manager of London Tamil Sangam, Health Advocacy Project Manager, Health Advocacy /Home office Interpreter.

Worked in Newham University Hospital for 13 years in the Health Advocacy Department.

Hindu Chaplain in HMS Prisons in England

(Except Dinamani, all other jobs in London, UK)


With Prime Minister David Cameron in his house during Diwali Dinner


A Blog writer with 6000++++ articles

Hospital Chaplaincy Volunteer

Producer of Gnanamayam Channel twice a week

President of All World Anti WhatsApp Society!


My friends bombard me with 300 messages every day and ask me questions about what I write.

How dare they ask me questions!

What is your qualification?

I am a MAMA!

That is double MA.

MA in History (Second Class), Madurai University

MA in English Literature (Third Class), S V University, Tirupati

But I am not ashamed to say I passed English MA in third class. Even world famous English write R K Narayan failed in English. Please read his life story.

I have passed B Sc Botany with Chemistry and Zoology.

But Maths is my enemy! I scrapped through school final with 35 marks. But first class marks in other subjects. So first class in S S LC (equal to G C S E).

When I told my father that I got only 35 in Maths.

He said to me, ‘Don’t worry my son. I failed in SSLC!’

Am I not lucky to get such a dad?

He failed academically but become a freedom fighter, jailed with K Kamaraj and became News Editor , Dinamani Madurai. His name is V Santanam. He translated Anna Karenina of Leo Tolstoy in 1950s. His story is in this blog already. He led a successful life.

In addition to the above I passed

All five Bhagavad Gita Examinations of Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan

All Sanskrit courses of Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan and Chittoor Samskrita Bhasa Pracharini Sabha.

Higher Diploma in French

I taught Journalism in Madurai University.

I ran certificate course in Journalism as part of Aarathy Institute of Journalism in Madurai

How many brothers and sisters?

Five Brothers and a Sister

Honoured by Mr Prabhakar Kaza at Mahalakshmi Temple, London
with Tamil Film Actress Suhasini in BBC Studio in London


Who are your Gurus?

For Tamil V G Srinivasan of Madurai Setupati High School, where I studied.

For History and Archaeology- Dr R Nagaswamy with whom I travelled 1000 miles on archaeological tour as part of Two Week Certificate Course  in Epigaphy course.

Who are your spiritual Gurus?

1.Father taught me Gayatri, Ramalinga Swamigal poems & Tryambaka Mantra

Swami Santhananda of Pudukkottai taught me a short mantra

Swamiji Krishna of Aykkudi near Tenkasi gave me proper Mantropadesa.

My Dinamani Newspaper Colleague SRI Venkataraman gave me Durga mantra.

As per my elder brother Srinivasan’s advice, I  started reading certain slokas.


Are you an author?

Yes , Published four Tamil books; all non fiction.

Are you a practising Hindu?

Yes , as a Brahmin, belonging to Kausika Gotra of Yajur Veda, I do daily rituals.

Do you do public service?

I was holding meetings or concerts for 18 years, almost every month under World Hindu Mahsangam, London Sath Sangham, Tamil Heritage Foundation etc.

Now a trustee of World Hindu Mahasangam; stopped doing physical activities.

Do you know astrology?

 I will answer you with some interesting anecdotes.

with NHS staff in Newham University Hospital, London

at Highgate Murugan Temple, London

to be continued…..

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