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Following is the list I have compiled from various books. Now Hindus only worship goddesses and other religions worship only God as male ‘He’. Wherever they can’t change the faith of the people on Goddesses, they installed Virgin Mary, Madonna or a demoness and called them Pagan gods. Anyway this Greek -Roman gods comparison will be helpful to see how they have changed Hindu Goddesses. For instance, Vedas refer to Vastu as deity of the land, plot or house. Today we see Vastu Sastra is followed by everyone. Big organisations consult Vastu experts. If you enter British Library in London , you can see a fountain with flowing water. All are reshaping their buildings on the basis of Vedic Vastu. They changed the names in Greek and Italy as Hestia and Vesta etc. Goddess Durga is seen throughout Middle East. All the vahanas are seen from Indus valley to Sumeria and Egypt.

Aphrodite -Venus

Ares – Mars

Artemis -Diana

Athene -Minerva


Demeter -Ceres 

Dionysus –Bacchus

Eos – Aurora

Erinyes – Furies

Eros – Cupid

Gaea (Gaia or Ge)- Tellus/Terra

Hades/ Haides- Pluto

Hebe – Juventas

Helius – Sol

Hemera – Dies

Hephasestus /Hephaistos – Vulcan

Here/ here – Juno

Hermes –  Mercury

Hestia – Vesta

Moerae /Moirai – Fates

Nike – Victory

Nyx – Nox

Persephone- Proserpina

Poseidon – Neptune

Rhea – Ops

Selene  Luna

Tyche – Fortune

Uranus/ Ouranos – Caelus

Zeus – Jupiter


Following is the list I posted in 2014

Hindu – Slav

Varun – Perun
Haridasva Hors / sun
Surya Hors / sun
Moksha Mukosh / death

Roman or Greek Gods & Hindu Gods
Zeus – Indra (Taranis, Thor)
Jupiter – Indra
Saturnus – Brahma
Minas – Yama
Neptune – Varuna
Sol -Surya
Lunus – Chandra
Hercules – Krishna (Hari kula esa)
Janus – Ganapathy
Hephaestus/ Vulcan – Visvakarma /Tarkhan/Takshan
Plutarch – Kubera
Apollo – Krishna (also Hercules)
Mercury – Narada
Burgos – Rama
Mars – Skanda
Juno – Durga (also Diana & Artemis)
Minerva – Sarasvati (Also Athena)

Venus – Rambha
Aurora -Usha
Cybele -Prithvi
Ceres – Sree /Lakshmi
Cronos – Kashyap (Father of Asuras and Devas)
Zeus, Poseidon, Hades -Trimurti
Hera – Lakshmi
Hades -Yama
Poseidon – Varuna
Ares – Skanda
Kronos -Shiva
Pleiades – Kritika stars
Hera, Hestia, Demeter- Durga, Lakshmi, Sarasvati
Demeter – Devamata (same as Tiamath in Sumer)
Bacchus –Shiva
Hermes – Sarama
Cybele – Sribali
Gaiya – Jaya
Uranus – Varuna
Hestia – Vastu
Diana /Artemis – Durga


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