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Date uploaded in London – 29 January 2020

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A moving story about dolphins appeared in London news papers this morning. It reminded me of the Tokyo dog Hachiko  which went to railway station for nine years (see the last paragraph) looking for his master who was already dead.

When we were studying in Setupati High School in Madurai (Tamil Nadu,South India) another novel that was serialised  (Year 1960) in a weekly moved everyone and made them great animal lovers. The novel written by M P Subramanyan was titled ‘Thekkady Raja’ (King of Thekkady). Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary begins from Thekkady which is very near Tamil Nadu border with Kerala. A dam built across River Periar is surrounded by thick forests. Nature lovers can travel by boat to the dam and on the way see the wild animals.

A friend invited the novelist to show the wild animals such as elephants, tigers, deer and bears. But the friend insisted that he should come a few days before Kartik Purnima (full moon day in the month of Kartkai). He went to Thekkady and spent two days with his doctor friend and on the day of Purnima he was woken up half way through his sleep. There he saw a beautiful scene where hundreds of elephants gathered to pay homage to its leader- an elephant who was named Thekkady Raja. When the forest worker Thangasamy ,lighted camphor in respect at the Samadhi (grave) of the elephant Raja and a girl named Nalini. All the elephants raised their trunks and blared and marched back in the bright moon light. Then the author gives the back ground story of departed elephant Raja and departed woman Nalini on the Kartik Purnima day long back. It was a well -read novel in those days. I read it again after five decades in the British library in London.

The dolphin story reminded me of Tokyo dog Hachiko and Thekkady Raja.

Here is Today’s Dolphin Story

“DOLPHINS who made a rare appearance in a harbour are believed to have been looking for a member of their pod feared to have been killed.

Twenty of the creatures returned to Kingswear near Dartmouth in Devon (in Britain)  the day after a dead dolphin was washed up on a slipway with apparent bullet wounds to the head.

Andy Kyle, 63, who took the photos, said he had never seen more than one dolphin in the harbour before. ‘Groups kept swimming past where the dolphin was found. The dolphin looked like a baby. The idea that they were coming back to look for it is very sweet.’

Local retailer Jonathan Hawkins, 53, said one woman had seen two bullet holes.

Animal charity Orca said the idea of ‘very social’ dolphins searching for a pal is credible.

A post mortem is currently taking place on the dead dolphin amid reports that it may have been shot dead.

These heart breaking pictures show a pod of dolphins making a rare venture into a harbour looking for their dead friend. More than 20 mammals were seen at the same spot near Dartmouth, Devon, where another dolphin washed up on the slipway. Locals said they had never seen so many dolphins in the area at one time while experts said it was ‘certainly possible’ they had come to find their dead pod member.


MOST FAMOUS JAPANESE DOG (From my 2013 article)

The most famous Tokyo dog Hachiko was raised by a professor at the University of Tokyo. Every day the dog came to Shibuya railway station to receive him. After a year of this strange friendship, Professor H. Ueno died suddenly. He never came to the station, but the dog Hachiko came to the station looking for his master everyday  for nine years!! The dog died of cancer in 1935. Even before it died, a newspaper story about the dog made it a national celebrity. In 1934, one year before its death, people erected a bronze statue in front of Shibuya Railways station and the dog also took part in the opening ceremony! After its death, is body was stuffed and is kept in the National Museum in Tokyo. › 2013/01 › vedic-dog-and-church-dog

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18 Jan 2013 – The most famous Tokyo dog Hachiko was raised by a professor at the University of Tokyo. Every day the dog came to Shibuya railway station to …

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