More Wedding Anecdotes (Post No.3994)

Compiled by London Swaminathan
Date: 12 June 2017
Time uploaded in London- 11-03
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Pictures are taken from various sources such as Face book, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.


Marie Antoinette’s Diary

Here is Marie Antoinette’s rather dreary account  of her wedding and honeymoon from her diary :-

Sunday, 13  Left Versailles.  Supper and slept at Compignee, at the house of M. de Saint Florentine.

Monday,14. Interview with Mme. la Dauphine

Tuesday,15–supped at La Muette . Slept at Versailles.

Wednesday 16– My marriage. Apartment in the gallery. Royal banquet in the Salle d Opera.

Thursday,17– Opera of “Perseus”.

Friday 18—Stag hunt. Met at La Belle image. Took one.


Saturday,19 —Dress Ball in the Salle de Opera, Fire works .

Thursday 31– I had indigestion.




Matrimony and Purgatory!

Archbishop Ryan was one time attending confirmation in a smaller parish. The local pastor was giving the preparatory questions to one rather frightened little girl. He asked her to define the state of matrimony.

“It’s a state of terrible torment which those who enter are compelled to undergo for a time to prepare them for a better world”, she replied.

“No, no”, chided the rector,

“That is not matrimony. That is the definition of purgatory”.

“Leave her alone”, said the Archbishop, “perhaps the child has been shown the light”.



Not Spirit, but Flesh!


Miss Drummond, the famous preacher among the Quakers some time ago, was asked if the spirit had never inspired her with thoughts of marriage

“No, friend, said she, but the flesh often has”



She has no Burro!

Like many tourists, Lewis Cotlow, President of the Adventures Club, wondered why Mexican peons always ride on burros while their wives walk along behind. Finally, he stopped a peasant and asked him the reason.

The Mexican, looking very surprised, replied,

“But, Senor, my wife doesn’t own a burro”.




Friends satisfied, enemies delighted!

Lord Lansdowne was speaking to Samuel Rogers about the marriage of a friend they both knew.

“She has made a good match”, Lansdowne ventured to remark.

I am not so sure about that, returned Rogers dubiously.

“No, why not? All her friends approve it”.

“Then, said Rogers,” she is able to satisfy everyone. Her friends are pleased and her enemies are delighted.”