Will Power, Worrying, Appearance Anecdotes (Post No.3416)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 4 December 2016


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Post No.3416


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks. They are representational.


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Will power Anecdote

A young man contemplating marriage, was almost shocked out of his future state by overhearing the following conversation

Several young women, discussing their husbands, were talking of their men’s vices and how they have succeeded in curing them.

“Incidentally, said one of them to a very young thing standing by, I hear that John has given up smoking. He used to smoke a great deal. That must have taken a strong wil”l.

In contrast to her frail prettiness, the young woman was heard to say,

“It certainly did. But that’s the kind of will I have got”.



Worrying anecdote

Secretary of the Treasury Chase happened to remark

“Oh, I am so sorry that I didn’t write a letter to Mr So and so before I left home”.

President Lincoln promptly responded,

“Chase never regret what you don’t write; it is what you do write that you are often called upon to feel sorry for”.


Physical Characteristics Anecdote 

Mark Twain often received photographs from men whose friends had made them believe that they looked like him. Discovering that his house was beginning to run over with pictures of these aspirants to fame, mark determined to relieve himself of the burden of answering the heavy correspondence, and so had his printer strike off a few hundred copies of the following from letter,


“My dear Sir,

I thank you very much for your letter and your photograph. In my opinion you are more like me than any other of numerous doubles I may even say that you resemble me more closely than I do myself. In fact, I intend to use your picture to shave by”.

Yours thankfully,

S Clements