Did Agastya drink ocean?


Agastya in London Victoria and Alburt Museum. The statue was brought from from Indonesia.

By S Swaminathan
Post No 931 Dated 25th March 2014

(This article written by me was first published in Nilacharal. Com
On 22 November 2004. Still its is available on their website)

Did Agastya drink ocean?

Agastya was one of the greatest travellers of ancient India. He was mentioned in Rig Veda and the Ramayana. He slowly moved southward and established an ashram at the Western Ghats-Pothya malai. There are lot of myths about him. All this can be explained scientifically. He did divert the river Cauvery to the present Chola Mandala like Bagheeratha. But in thousands of years it became a myth and we read a crow tilted the’ Kamandalam’ of Agastya and thus came the River Cauvery.

Another story told about Agastya is that he travelled to south at the behest of Lord Siva. It is true that either Siva or a Saivaite saint requested him to go to the south to disperse the population. The story of Siva’s (Menakshi) Tirulkalyanam makes it clear by saying the overcrowding of the earth tilted the balance and Siva requested Agastya to go south. Our fore fathers were such a great planners that they did what we are doing today-building satellite cities! This story is in Tiruvilayadal puranam and other books.

Did Agastya drink the ocean? Agastya was the first person to cross the Indian Ocean for the first time to establish a great Hindu Empire in South East Asia. We now knew that there was a flourishing Hindu colony in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia (Angor vat temple) Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (Borobudur Stupi) for 1300 years. Now they are all converted as Muslims. Like Columbus and Magellan, he crossed the ocean- that is he ‘drank’ the ocean! It is a symbolic story. Agastya’s statues are displayed throughout South East Asian countries even today.

One another myth about Agastya is that he made the Vindhya Hill not to grow again. This is another symbolic story to say that he crossed the Vindhyas for the first time through the ‘land route’. Before him, North and South Indians used coastal sea routes. Sangam Tamil literature also makes it very clear in several places that Agastya came to the south with 18 groups of people and he was the one who codified a grammar for Tamil.

agstya pranam

Jarasandhan-Siamese Twins?

Jarasandhan was born to two mothers and he came as two balls of flesh. The left and right sides (child) were thrown into a dustbin by the queens in disgust and fear. Later a Rakshasi (wild woman or a medicine woman of forest tribes) by name Jara picked it up and gave it to the king after joining both the parts. The fact is one woman gave birth to a Siamese twins (two children joined together physically) and threw it in to the bin. Somebody did some surgery successfully and gave the child back to the king in good condition.

I have counted and listed more than 20 abnormal children in the Mahabharata. Several of them are stories of cloning. Mandhata was born out of his ‘father’ says the epic. Another story says that Vaidharbi gave birth to a squash fruit and it was divided into several parts and kept in urns. They became sons. The stories of Shisupala, Sikandi and Sthunakarna talk about organ changes. Vashista and Agastya were born in ‘pots’(Kumba Muni or Kumba Yoni). If we remove all the myths about all these miracle children we see clear medical treatment or operations!

Miracle or Solar eclipse?

On the fourteenth day of the 18 day Mahabharata war, Arjuna vowed that he would kill Jayadratha before sunset or commit suicide. Unfortunately Arjuna couldn ‘t kill him. But the story is that Krishna created false sunset using his Sudarsana charka (a big disc). If we look closely at this event it is nothing but a solar eclipse. The sun light faded for some time because of the eclipse. When all prepared for the withdrawal of the army for the day, the sun came out and Arjuna killed the unguarded Jayadratha. In those days they didn’t fight after sunset.

What I have given here is only very little. If we take the fields of Medicine, Mathematics, Psychology, The power of mind/brain, Extra Sensory perception etc. we may write volume after volume. But I wish someone analyses all such events and publish their findings well before the western scientists reveal them. No one will appreciate if we keep on comparing every new invention with the writings in our old literature.

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