Those who struggle win

surfacing Frog

Compiled by London Swaminathan
Post No.1188; Dated 22nd July

In a house there was a pot of curds kept in the kitchen. The pot was not covered. Two frogs, one big and the other small, while hopping about, fell into the pot of curds. Both of them struggled for some time to get out, but could not do so. The bigger frog gave up all hopes, kept quiet, and sank to the bottom and died.

The smaller frog did not want to give in easily. He struggled and struggled for hours together. He was now completely exhausted and kept quiet for some time. By the frog’s continuous struggles and his constant movements in the curds pot, the curds were churned and the butter was formed on its surface.

frog 3

When the frog stopped struggling through exhaustion and became still, the butter gradually formed in to a lump. This gave a chance for the frog to leap out of the pot.
It is clear from this story that struggle or ‘sadhana’ is essential to secure from the toils of worldly life.

You should strive hard to get God and when you are completely exhausted in the effort and lie still in surrender at His feet, He comes to you as your saviour.
-Story told by Swami Ramdas.

Tiruvalluvar’s Maxims

Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar says
Even if Providence in hot helpful
Personal efforts will bear proportionate results (couplet 619)

People who labour hard wih ceaseless industry
Will overcome even relentless fate (Kural 620)

Let not the magnitude of any task unman you
Strenuous effort ever brings victory


Napoleon rose to his eminence because he was convinced that nothing was impossible. He is believed to have said, “Impossible in not French. Everything can be achieved by a systematic and persistent all-out effort, says Dr S M Diaz in his commentary on Tirukkural.

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