Hindu Gods and other Ancient Gods

Roman Gods

Compiled by London swaminathan
Post No 1275; Dated 8th September 2014.

No two clocks agree, they say. And no two Gods agree in full. But we can see similarities between two cultures in the comparative mythology. This shows that the thinking of human beings works in the same way. It may also reveal another fact that we all lived under one roof long ago. The third point is that Hindu gods were there in the beginning, what they call as pagan gods and slowly other cultures absorbed them. When new Semitic religions were founded those gods were sent to museums. Hindu Gods alone survived this onslaught.

For some Hindu gods and goddesses we see two names and this is because the Greek Gods were slowly absorbed in to Roman religion and got new names. But these foreign gods are not worshiped anymore and found their place in the museums around the world.

Greek Gods

Hindu – Slav
Varun – Perun
Haridasva Hors / sun
Surya Hors / sun
Moksha Mukosh / death

Roman or Greek Gods & Hindu Gods
Zeus – Indra (Taranis, Thor)
Jupiter – Indra
Saturnus – Brahma
Minas – Yama
Neptune – Varuna
Sol -Surya
Lunus – Chandra
Hercules – Krishna (Hari kula esa)
Janus – Ganapathy
Hephaestus/ Vulcan – Visvakarma /Tarkhan/Takshan
Plutarch – Kubera
Apollo – Krishna (also Hercules)
Mercury – Narada
Burgos – Rama
Mars – Skanda
Juno – Durga (also Diana & Artemis)
Minerva – Sarasvati (Also Athena)
Venus – Rambha
Aurora -Usha
Cybele -Prithvi
Ceres – Sree /Lakshmi
Cronos – Kashyap (Father of Asuras and Devas)
Zeus, Poseidon, Hades -Trimurti
Hera – Lakshmi
Hades -Yama
Poseidon – Varuna
Ares – Skanda
Kronos -Shiva
Pleiades – Kritika stars
Hera, Hestia, Demeter- Durga, Lakshmi, Sarasvati
Demeter – Devamata (same as Tiamath in Sumer)
Bacchus –Shiva
Hermes – Sarama
Cybele – Sribali
Gaiya – Jaya
Uranus – Varuna
Hestia – Vastu
Diana /Artemis – Durga

old gods

Other cultures:
Gilgamesh – Sri kamesa
River Congo/River Mekong – River (Ma) Ganga


Hindu Gods and Foreign Gods
Indo European gods –page 13—the sun goddess Sheena Mc Grath

India -Ireland -Iceland -Italy
First -Mitra -Nuada -Tyr -Jupiter
Varuna – Lugh -Odin -Dius Fidus*

Second -Indra -Ogma -Thor -Mars

Third -Asvins -Bres -Freyr -Quirinus

Goddess -Sarasvati -Macha -Freya -Juno

*My comments: Dius Fidus is Dyaus Pita in the Vedas, Zeus in Greek and Ptah in Egypt.
From page 178 table 2


Some suggested correspondences for the deities who appear in the rituals

Deities -herbs -colours -runes -trees
Sun -juniper – red -siegel -bay
Moon -mugwort – white -lagu -willow
Sky -basil -blue -tyr -ash
Twins -vevain -orange -ehwaz – hazel
Thunder -leek -brown -thorn -oak
Maiden -mint -rose -gyfu -plane
Earth -crocus – green -odal -linden

Table 3 – page 179


The relations of sun and moon
Sun– moon
Red– white
Female– male
Hot — cold
Blood– semen
Fire– water
Summer –winter

celtic gods

sky– thunder– fire
dievas– perkumas– ugunsmate
nuada — taranis– aine

tyr — thor– loki
svarog — perun– istie

zeus — zeus– Hestia
dsius — teshub– –?

armazd — vagahn– -sister fire
dyaus — parjanya– agni

roman,greek chart

Sun — dawn — moon — twins
Saule — auszrine– menuo — dieva deli
Grian — der greine — manannan– emain macha

Sol — svanhild– mani — alcis

Solnste — zorya — myesyats– cosmas and

Heliosa — Helen — mene — dioscouroi
Arinitti– hulla and kushukh — sheri and hurri

Arev– arevhat — amins — ?

Surya – suryaa– soma — Asvins

From the sun goddess page178

Hope these charts will help future researchers.

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Pictures are taken from various sites;thanks.

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  1. There is whole misconception about Jain/Buddhist/Hindu Gods. Jainism/Buddhism recognized Gods but as elevated sous who are capable of creation. However Hindu Gods are based on Sankhya– Prakrithi/Purusha and manifestation of higher and lower orders. Thus Vedic Gods represent more of Jain Gods and easily absorbed in other myths. But Puranic Gods require Maharishis for creation of Devas and hence concept of Gods in Saivism/Vaishnavism is different from Vedas and that is why people began to realize Supreme Being Brahman the yagyas and yagyas became redundant.

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