More Tamil and Sanskrit Names in Egypt


Research paper written by London Swaminathan
Research article No.1413; Dated 15th November 2014.

I wrote a series of articles about the similarities between Egyptian and Indian cultures in 2012. I have listed the similarities in words as well. I wanted to add the following words to the list:
Tamil Words

Poraiyan = Pharaoh
Kuttuvan = Khet
Athan = Aten

Kerala in South India was called Chera country in the olden days. The Tamil rulers of that kingdom had the Royal suffixes Poraiyan, Kuttuvan and Athan. No one knew the exact meaning of these words. What we know is that they are royal titles for the Chera kings. The same words existed in the names of the ancient Egyptian kings.

Kerala in South India is facing the India Ocean and Egypt. We knew that the blabbering of an Indian sailor to a Greek by name Hippalus revealed the secret of south West Monsoon to the Western world. But even before Hippalus, the contacts were maintained, but only by Indian sailors. Indians controlled the Arabian Sea, which is confirmed by Chran Senguttuvan’s sea expeditions and Lord Krishna’s naval attacks from Dwaraka port (Please read my earlier post Hindu Gods’ naval Attacks). Solomon’s palace also had teak wood probably from Kerala.


We can easily link the words Poraiyan with Pharaoh, Kuttuvan with Khet and Athan with Aten. Egyptian Kings bore these suffixes. There are some other explanations for these royal titles in Egypt. They associate some gods’ names with those titles. But the Egyptian Gods came from different regions and at different ages. So we cannot say where it began and when it ended.
Egyptian kings with the same ending

Akhenaten (Atan)- 1352 BCE
Amenehet (Khet) -1985-1955 BCE
Hereukhet (Khet) ,Temple singer, 21st Dynasty, 1000 BCE

Atun in Egyptian religion was the personification of sun’s rays. In Tamil also Athavan means sun.

Ay was a famous Tamil king and great philanthropist in ancient Tamil Nadu.
Ay was a king in Egypt in the New Kingdom 1327-1323 BCE

We can see a very clear Indian influence from the middle of 15th century BCE. Mitannian king Dasaratha wrote letters to the Egyptian Pharaohs. They were kept intact as Amarna letters. Hindu girls Pudu Hepa( Budha Shiva)and Tadu Hepa (Dhatta Shiva) were married to the pharaohs. From that time onwards we see more Sanskrit names. We come across 13 Kings with the same name Ramases.

egypt 2

Of all the names the most interesting names are

Thutmose –I (1504-1492 BCE)
Thutmose –II(1492-1472 BCE)
Thutmose –III(1479-1475)
Thutmose –IV ((1400-1390 BCE)
Al l were kings.
Harmose, Musician, 18th Dynasty
Ahmose (1550- 1525 BCE), king 18th Dynasty. He imported Lapis lazuli semi precious stonesfromIndian sub continent.
Djutmose (Thutmose)
Kamose (1555-1550 BCE), king, 17th Dynasty

There were several officials with the names as well. In Tamil Nadu (India, kings names were given to officers as well.

The name Mose is a Tamil name as well. The word means first born son in Egypt and Kenya. In Tamil Nadu we had MudaMose, a famous poetess 2000 years ago. The young jack fruit in Tamil is also Musu. Moses of Bible also was called the child (moses) by Pharah’s daughter. So from Egypt to Tamil Nadu, we have the same name with the same meaning. Tamil poetess Mudamosi means lame Mosi. She might have become lame or born with polio legs. That is the reason for Muda Mosi. Till today the meaning of the name is debated. But we knew it meant son, first born, young one etc.

Though lot of Egyptian names end with Tep, they are considered God Hotep’s name. But yet we can argue that God Hotep also has the Tep=Dev ending.

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