28 Beautiful Quotes on Truth!


Calendar of Golden Sayings – February 2015


Post No. 1606; Dated 27th January 2015.

Compiled by london swaminathan


Important Dates: Feb. 3 Thai Pusam, 17 Maha Shivaratri

Full Moon day- Fe3; New Moon (Amavasya)- Feb.18

Ekadasi –Feb.15.Auspicious Days:2, 5,8,9, 11, 15, 22.

Quotes are taken from Suktisudha, Chinmya International Foundation and Tamil book Tirukkural

February  1 Sunday


Truthfulness supercedes a thousand horse sacrifices – Hitopadesa 4-136; Padma Purana 5-18-43

asvamedha sahasraaddhi satyameva atiricyate


February 2 Monday


Experts on the science of righteousness aver that truth is the ultimate Dharma — Valmiki Ramayana 2-14-3

Aahuh satyam hi paramam dharmam dharmavido janah

February 3 Tuesday


It is not praiseworthy to adopt wrong means ever for accomplishing good things- Jataka Mala

Kaaryaarthamapi na sreyah saatyaapanayah kramah

batu caves

Thai Pusam is a big festival in Malysia (in praise of Lord Skanda)

February 4 Wednesday


One can’t determine truth from falsehood sans enquiry Kahavat Ratnakar p164

gavesanaam vinaa naiva satya asatya vinirnayah

February 5 Thursday


Righteousness flourishes with truth Manu Smrti 8-83

Dharmah satyena vardhate


February 6 Friday


Though difficult, the upright do not like to forsake truth – Jataka Mala

na hi krcchrepi santyaktum satyamicchanti saadhavah


February 7 Saturday


Speech which causes no harm whatsoever to anyone is what is called truth — Tamil Couplet from Tirukkural, 291


February  8 Sunday


It it will produce pure, unmixed good, even falsehood may be considered truth — Tirukkural, 292


February 9 Monday

If a man should utter a lie consciously, his own mind would torture him for the lie uttered -Tirukkural, 293

February 10 Tuesday

One who is true in thought and word is greater  even those who perform Tapas (penance) and do charity — Tirukkural, 295

February 11 Wednesday


If a man could conduct himself true  to his own self  he would be in the heart of all in the world –Tirukkural, 294

February 12 Thursday

Those, whose lives are based on truth, remain immortal – Pancharatra 3-25

mrte api naraah sarve satye tisthanti tisthati


February 13 Friday

who is apable of overpowering truth? Katha Sarit Sagara

satyam kascaativartate


Thai Pusam (full moon day) in Singapore

February 14 Saturday

Tell the truth, practise Dharma Taiitiriyopanishad


satyma vada, dharmam cara


February  15 Sunday


Outward purity may be secured by the use of wateer. Inward purity of the heart comes from truthfulness.- Tirukkural, 298


February16  Monday


Utter words anointed by truth Manu Smrti 6-46

satyapuutaam vadedvaaniim


February 17 Tuesday


Truth alone triumphs, never falsehood — Mundaka Upanishad 3-1-6

Satyameva jayate naanrtam


February 18 Wednesday

In Kaliyuga, the truthful suffer and the hypocritical flourish– Kahavat Ratnakar,  p 2204

satyavaktaa kalau duhkhi  mithyaavaadii pramodate


February 19 Thursday


The celestials are truth bound Brhat Katha Manjari

satyavaaco hi khecaraah


February 20 Friday


Everything is established in truth – Canakya Niti 2-28

sarvam satye pratisthitam


February 21  Saturday

The noble prefer death to falsehood – Bharata Manjari 1-12-463

saadhuunaammaranam sreyah na satyaviplavah


Batu Caves, Skanda-Kartikeya- Murugan Temple, Malaysia

February  22 Sunday


No fear for one who lives truth – Kahavat Ratnakar, p 208

satye nassti bhayam kvacit


February 23 Monday


Truth is the tresure of the honourable Ramayana Manjari 6-26-816

satyam vittam hi maaninaam


February 24 Tuesday


All lamps are of no avail. The light of truth is the only is the only lamp which the wise cherish- Tirukkural, 299

February 25 Wednesday


In all true scriptures we have known, nothing is  praised so highly as truthfulness– Tirukkural, 300

February 26 Thursday


If one could safeguard oneself agaist flinching from truth one need  practise no other virtue — Tirukkural, 297


February 27 Friday

Utter the truth, yet utter it pleasantly, and utter not an unpleasant truth Manu Smrti 4-138

satyam bruuyaat priyam bruuyaat na bruuyaat satyam apriyam


February 28 Saturday


Truth is the supreme Dharma – Sanskrit saying

satyam hi paramo dharmah


March 1 Sunday

(From January 2013, Every monthly sheet carries quotes from Tamil and Sanskrit Literature. So far 800 quotations are published. They are arranged subject wise — swami_48@yahoo.com)

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