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So far I have posted Balakanda and Ayodhya Kanda pictures. Today I am posting Aranya Kanda (Chapter on Forest Residence) pictures. With this the number of pictures posted stands at 29. We have got forty more pictures from The Picture Ramayana published 100 years ago.

Viradha Killed: Rama and Lakshmana killed many demons in the Dandaka forest, all in self- defence. When demon Viradha attacked them, they attacked him back and buried him. Dandaka forest was frequented by lot of demons. Demons are nothing but uncivilized cannibals. They come out during night times and attack seers in the ashramas/ parnasalas (dwelling places of sages)

Surpanakha meets Rama:-Rama took the advice of great seer Agastya and built a hut on the banks of River Godavari. Shurpanakha, who was the cousin sister of Sri Lankan King Ravana went to Rama and said, “I have fallen in love with you; so I pray you to take me as your wife”. At this Rama’s wife Sita began to laugh, which excited the anger of Shurpanakha . She went to bite sita. Then she went to Lakshmana (Rama’s brother) and he cut off her nose and ears and drove her away. ( People from Sri Lanka can easily travel to India by using South West Monsoon. I have explained how Sri Lankan King Devanam Priya Tissa’s ambassadors reached Patna in Bihar to meet Emperor Asoka within two weeks. Please read my articles on Mahavamsa in my blog. Sri Lankan Rakshasas frequented the coastal areas and used them as their playing fields)

Khara, Dushana killed: Shurpanakha, wailing bitterly, went to her brothers Khara, Dushana and Trishira and reported that her nose and ears were cut off by Lakshmana. Immediately they attacked Rama and Lakshmana. Rama instructed Lakshmana and Sita to hide in a cave nearby, attacked the demons and killed all of them. Shurphanakha fled to her cousin Ravana in Sri Lanka. That cunning woman gave Ravana a different story!

Story of the Phantom Deer: Shurpanakha knew Ravana’s weakness. Though he was well educated, 50 percent Brahmin and fifty percent demon by birth, he was after women. A king can marry as many as he wishes in Hindu tradition. But he can’t touch another man’s wife. Shurphanaka misled him and inflammed Ravana’s passion by describing Sita’s marvellous beauty. Ravana asked Maricha to dress like a deer with golden deer skin and present himself there to divert Sita’s attention. Demons are notorious for cunning devices like this. Sita fell a prey to Ravana’s designs and asked Rama to chase it. Rama went after the PHANTOM DEER.

Maricha, when wounded by the arrow of Rama, cried “Help, Lakshmna, Help” to fool Sita and Lakshmana. Rakshasas are always cunning and cheating. They will try to achieve anything by hook or crook. Sita heard it and asked Lakshmana to help Rama. He told her that it was a false alarm; but Sita reproached him saying, “You want Rama to die so that you can marry me yourself”. Lakshmana wept bitterly at this unbearable taunt. He went out to see where Rama is. At that time Ravana appeared like an ascetic and asked her for food. When Sita crossed the danger line (which Lakshmana drew instructing her not to cross), Ravana abducted her. Vinasa Kale Vipareedha Buddhi!

JATAYU ATTACKED: Jatayu, the king of the vultures, saw Sita carried away by Ravana. He attacked Ravana, but Ravana drew his sword and cut its wings. Ravana was also wounded by Jatayu’s attack. He flew away to Lanka in his flying chariot .( I have explained elsewhere in my research papers that Jatayu, Jambhavan, Hanuman are not Eagles or Bears or Monkeys. They were hill tribes with totem symbols. They were called Eagle people, Bear people or Monkey people because of their symbols or tattoos. Since Ramayana was from a different Yuga period, people, particularly Pauraniks, lost touch with reality and dramatized everything).

When Rama’s arrow pierced Maricha, he assumed his true form i.e.the phantom deer became Maricha again. Rama was angry because Lakshmana came leaving Sita alone. But Lakshmana explained to him that just because Sita panicked he had to come. When they came back Sita was not there. Jatayu told them that Ravana carried off Sita.

When Ravana carried Sita first on his shoulders and then in the chariot, she threw some of her jewels towards the monkeys. Women are intelligent. They wanted to leave some clue at the crime scene so that the criminal will be caught.

Aranya Kanda Picture 9:  Rama and Lakshmana went towards south in search of Sita. Jatayu told them that Ravana went towards south. One day they came across a terrible demon named Kabandha. His mouth was in his mouth and he was one eyed. His thighs joined to his belly. When he attacked Rama and Lakshmana, they killed him. When they started cremating him, a celestial being arose from the fire. He was a spirit under curse and now released from the curse he was happy. He instructed them to go to Rishyamuka Mountain where they can get the help of Sugreeva, the king of the Monkeys (monkey tribe).

Aranya Kanda Picture 10

SABARI SALUTING RAMA: Rama was the first king in the world who demolished the caste and class restrictions by embracing all hunter tribes of Guha , monkey tribes of Sugreeva , hill tribe of Sabari , Eagle tribes of Jatayu, Bear tribes of Jambhavan, Rakshasas like Vibhishana. Monkeys, Eagles, Bears are actually tribal symbols; they are not animals and birds. We can’t see anyone in the world history who embraced different tribes and made them feel kith and kin. He was the one who gave back the kingdoms to Angada and Vibhishana. This is also unique in world history. We seldom see such a friendly gesture.

Next we will look at Kiskindha Kanda.

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