More Stories about Wives!


Written  by London Swaminathan

Article No. 1966

Dated 1 July 2015.

Uploaded at London time: 15-37

I have already given some stories about wives of Socrates, Milton etc., in my earlier post “Easy way to become a Philosopher”, posted on 15th June,2015

1.Here are more stories:

Swami Rama Tirtha had been to Japan, America and other places. On his return to India his wife went to meet him. In the course of the talk, the wife questioned him, “During the tour in foreign countries far away from me, did you at any time remember me?”.

I have already given some stories about wives of Socrates, Milton etc., in my earlier post “Easy way to become a Philosopher”, posted on 15th June,2015

To this the great Swami gave the characteristic reply, “Is it necessary to remember about my nose? Since it forms a part of my body I need not think of it now and then. So also, since you are a part of my universal body, there is no need for me to think of you as someone separate from me.”

ram tirth 2

2.Story from a Tamil Proverb

The story goes that a certain man who was the important person in a town lost his mother. A lot of people came to console him and said, “O, Your mother was a great person. She was a mother to everyone. Now the village will be like a motherless child”. This is the Tamil way of consoling. One of the youths among the crowd was a fool. He did not know anything, but just pretended to be intelligent by imitating everyone. He also said the same thing to the grieving VIP. It went on very well for a time. But one day another important person in the town lost his wife. Now that he knew what to say in such a bereavement, he first went to express his condolences. He blindly followed the previous condolence message, “ O, Your wife was a great wife. She was not only wife to you but was the wife of whole village. Now the village looks like a wifeless husband”. The people who watched him saying this thrashed him and threw him out!


3.Dr Johnson about Wife

Of a lady more insipid than offensive, Dr Johnson (1709-1784, English Writer) once said, “She has some softness indeed; but so has a pillow. For my part, I do not envy a fellow one of those honey- suckle wives; as they are but creepers at best, and commonly destroy the tree they so tenderly cling about”

4.Clever and Stupid Wives

When a surprise was expressed at his choice of a wife, Talleyrand (French Bishop, politician and diplomat) replied: A clever wife often compromises her husband; A stupid one only compromises herself.

5.Film Star’s Wife

By mistake a letter directed to a newly married film star was delivered to the house of a poor working man. Upon being opened, it proved to contain a threat that unless a substantial sum of money was paid, his wife would be kidnapped. The working man immediately wrote a reply, “Sir, I don’t have much money, but I am very much interested in your proposition”

6.Wife or Money?

A niggardly farmer lost his wife and scrimped as much as he could on each phase of the funeral expenses down to the bitter end, when he lingered in the graveyard after the mourners had gone, and asked the grave digger, “How much do I owe you?”

“Ten dollars”, said the gravedigger, who was just beginning to fill in the grave.

“That is too much for such a light sandy soil”, said the farmer speculatively

“Light sandy soil or rich loamy soil, ten dollars”, said the grave digger firmly, “or up she comes”.

The farmer hastily paid.


7.Army Officer’s Wife

A French general’s wife, whose tomngue lashing ability was far famed, demanded that an old servant, who had served her husband during the wars, be dismissed.

“Jacques”, said the general, “go to your room and pack your trunk and leave- depart”.

The old French man clasped his hands to his head with dramatic joy.

“Me — I can go!” he exclaimed in a very ecstasy of gratitude.

Then suddenly his manner changed as with the utmost compassion he added, “But you my poor general, you must stay”.


8.Disobedience to Husband

A celebrated French preacher, in a sermon upon the duty of wives, said: “ I see in this congregation a woman who has been guilty of the sin of disobedience to her husband, and in order to point her out to universal condemnation, I will fling my breviary (Book containing Daily Hymns) at her head”.

He lifted his book, and every female head instantly ducked.



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