Hindu Couple: Proverbial Blessings in Tamil and Sanskrit!


Written  by London swaminathan

Date: 30 October 2015.

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Tamils wish a couple,

“May you prosper without fail, sending down fresh stems like a Banyan tree, taking root like the spreading Arugu grass and surrounded by friends and relatives like the Bamboos” (Three plants re mentioned)

(Tamil: Aal pol vizuthu vittu, arugu pol aver odi, muungil pola suRRum musiyaamal vaazka)

There is a similar blessing in the Rig Veda quoted by Romesh Chunder Dutt (1848-1909) in his ‘Lays of Ancient India’,

“Happy man and beauteous bride

Be this place your home of pride!

Loving man and duteous wife

In peaceful union pass your life!

May prattling children fill your home with peace,

And lisping babes their grand-sire’s bliss increase!”

The lord on his gifts bestow

And happy children round us grow

Loving man and duteous wife

In peaceful union pass your life!

–Rig Veda 10-85


Get all the 16 !

Another popular Tamil blessing to the couple is

“May you have sixteen and live most prosperously”

Some people interpret it as sixteen children, which is wrong.

The sixteen mean the following

1).Name and Fame 2).Good Education 3).Energy/Will power 4).Victory 5).Good Children 6).Gold/Prosperity/Wealth 7).Grains/paddy/wheat/no lack of food 8).Good Karma 9).Intelligence 10).Beauty 11).Pride 12).Ever Young/Youthful 13).Courage 14).Good Health 15).Long Life Span 16).Enjoyment (Sexual/sensual)

There is another version which replaces some of the above with Good Company, Faith in God, Good Wife, worry free mind, Satya/Truthfulness. In short all good things in life for a happy, healthy long life.

Tricky Blessing: Deerga Sumangali Bhavah

Whenever a married woman prostrate before an elderly or saintly person, she is blessed “Live with your husband for ever (You should never become a widow).This is a very tricky blessing given to women. It may mean several things

1.Both of you should live a long life and you should die as a Sumangali before your husband (as a married woman, never as a widow).

2.This will avoid suffering without husband at the evening of one’s life

3.This will avoid her committing Sati i.e. dying with her husband in the funeral pyre

4.This will give her husband a very long life. Instead of blessing both of you should live longer, if one says that you should be a married woman with mangala Sutra around your neck for ever, that means your husband should live as long as you live.

With this tricky blessing, Yama (God of Death) was duped by Savitri. When he gave her the boon to be a Sumangali for ever, her dead husband was revived. This is the most famous story among Hindu women (Satyavan- Savitri).

In short if a woman is blessed to be Sumangali for ever, that means both herself and her husband will live a long happy, married life.

This blessing is found in 2000 year old Tamil Sangam literature as well (Akam verse 86 line 19: Peril Kizaththi Aka)


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