Put Fire in the Poem or Poem in the Fire! (Post No. 2492)


Compiled by london swaminathan

Date: 30 January 2016

Post No. 2492

Time uploaded in London :–  15-27

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In his later years a lady called upon Mark Twain to express her enthusiasm for his work. She wanted to kiss his hand. He accepted it with dignity and serious ness.


“How God must love you!”, said the lady.


“I hope so”, said Mark Twain gently.


After she had gone he observed as gently without a smile, “I guess she has not heard of our strained relations”.





An author was reading some bad verses in his poem to his friend in a very cold apartment. The critic cried out in a shaking fit


“My friend, either put fire into your verses or verses into the fire or I shall not be able to stand here any longer” .




Author with a Cyanide Packet!


After coming out of jail Frank Harris decided he would rather commit suicide than go in again, and as he always had a contempt for court order s and ignore d everything, he felt liable for arrest at any moment. So that he might not again suffer indignity, he carried with him a small packet of cyanide of potassium, which he proposed to swallow before the land of law could touch him.


On his last trip to New York he was packing up at quarantine when a steward came along and told him that he was wanted by the captain. Harris heart fell. Here it was. He concealed the packet of poison in his right hand and followed the steward, and when he saw the captain talking to a tall, smooth, well fed man he knew it could only be the worst.



“You wanted me”, gulped Frank

The captain inclined his head toward the third man, who was eyeing Frank keenly.


“Mr Frank Harris?”, asked the American


Frank wished he was not, but admitted the stigma.


“Pleased to meet you, Mr Harris”, said the large man, extending his hand.

“I am the mayor.  l have come right off the tug boat to tell you….. That we are honoured to offer you the freedom of our great city.”


Hastily Frank changed the poison packet into his left hand and greeted the mayor.





Reward for Pornography!


Shortly after the sensational reception accorded the publication of his marvellous translation of The Arabian Nights Sir Richard Burton made the following statement


For thirty years I served Her Majesty at home and abroad without acknowledgment or reward.  I publish a pornographic book, and at once earn 10000 pounds and fame. I begin at last to understand the public and what it wants.





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