Hindu’s Strange Magic Square Astrology!! (Post No. 2756)

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Translated by London swaminathan

Date: 25 April 2016


Post No. 2756


Time uploaded in London :– 17-25


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Full article is available in Tamil; posted already in two parts.

Astrology is a genuine science; but unfortunately astrologers are not good scientists. To predict the future of one’s customer, the astrologer must be a pure soul devoted to his profession. He may earn money through it but only honestly. But modern astrologers just pretend to know astrology. One must have studied all the astrology books, lead a pure life and use his intuition and experience to predict the future of his customer.


But there are some easy way of predicting one’s future or to get a “Yes or No” answer to any particular issue or question.

Apart from Horoscope (Birth Chart) based astrology, Palmistry, and numerology, Hindus have Bird omens, Parrot astrology, Lizard omens, Thread or Rope astrology (i.e inserting a thread or rope inside a holy book and open the page to find out Yes or No answer) or flower astrology (i.e. selecting a flower through an innocent child in front of God’s pictures or idols) or Paper note astrology (choosing a written chit with the help of a child) etc.


There is one more type of predictions what is known as “TOUCH A SQUARE AND FIND OUT YOUR FUTURE ASTROLOGY”. In short we can call it a Magic Square astrology. In Hindu Panchangams, (ephemeris) we see two small squares called Sita Chakra and Rama Chakra used by women and men respectively to find out what is in store for them. But many avoid using those squares because there are some threatening words like “Destruction, Riot or Death” in those squares.


I found a rare Tamil book in the British Library which is attributed to Sahadevan, one of the five Pandava Brothers. Sahadevan was a great astrologer who marked the date for starting the Great War of ancient India what is known as Mahabharata War.


The book is called Touch Square Astrology. It has got 64 squares with numbers starting from 111. But the numbers are not in numerical order. Some numbers are left out in between. For each number there is a verse giving the prediction for that number. This is very unique. I have not seen such a square in any part of the ancient world.


Those who believe in such magic squares astrology or prediction must have a bath and purify himself or herself and touch one square without looking at the 64 squares. Alternately a little boy or girl may be asked to touch one number for you. If you get a positive answer to your question or problem, you will be happy. If you get a negative answer don’t get dejected. After an intense prayer session for a few days, you may try the magic square again. If you get negative answer again, pray to god to nullify the effect or the evil influence of a planet or give you enough strength to withstand the onslaught of fate. That is what happened to Arjuna in the Mahabharata war. The Brahmastra cannot be stopped by anyone. It is a nuclear war head (Please read my article Is Brahmastra a Nuclear Weapon? Written by me in 2005 for South Indian Society magazine in London and posted in my blog in 2011). But when the weapon was launched Krishna pressed Arjuna’s chariot so hard that the astra/missile hit only his crown but not his head. The chariot’s wheels went into the ground. What happened was he lost his name and fame but not his life. But the nuclear radiation had its effect up to Uttara’s pregnant womb.


Here is the magic square. I will give the predictions square by square in parts. Please wait till all the 64 squares are done. Then you may use it.


Square 111

If you touch this number you will defeat your enemy; whatever you wish will come true; your wife will be very cooperative; you can see a mole on the right hand shoulder.

Square 112

What you thought wouldn’t happen at once; there will be some delay; your wife is the obstacle. Do puja to your family deity and you will succeed.

Square 113

You will be successful in financial matters. You will make profits. All the planets are in a favourable position. You will get issues (children); all your worries are gone and you will be happy.

To be continued…………………….


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