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The Science of Astronomy and astrology originated in India. The proof for this is in the Rig Veda which is dated between 4500 BCE and 6000 BCE by various scholars on the basis of astronomical references in the Vedas. Herman Jacobi of Germany and Freedom fighter B G Tilak lead this group of researchers.

Hindus are the only community in the world who included astronomy / astrology in day today syllabus. Vedic scholars must study SIX ancillary subjects. They are ….

Siksaa – phonetics – nose of Vedic man/Veda purusa

Vyakarana – grammar – mouth

Nirukta – etymology/lexicon- ear

Kalpa – manual of rituals – hands

Chandas – prosody – foot

Jyotisa – astronomy/ astrology- eye

These are the limbs of Vedic learning. When one mastered all the six……………….

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clay tablet with auspicious days

WRITTEN BY  London Swaminathan


Date: 10 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 18-52

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constellation maps

‘Ancient Mesopotamia Speaks’ is a latest book (year 2019) on Babylonia. It is published by Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University. The Yale Babylonian collection with more than 40,000 clay tablets and seals is one of the most important repositories of Mesopotamian artefacts in the world.

The Mesopotamian writing system, known as Cuneiform, was invented in southern Iraq around 3500 BCE and remained in use for 3500 years. Scholars in the Western world believe that everything we have today came to us via Greece. Greeks took it from Babylonia and spread it to other parts of the world. Early Indian scholars also wrote that astronomy and astrology came to  Hindus from the Greeks. The blunder that they made was that they thought Vedic civilization came after Babylonian. But Hindus strongly believe that Vedas and other texts were from Pre Kaliyuga period. According to them Kaliyuga began in 3102 BCE. And this belief has been there for at least 1500 years according to archaeological evidence. According to Aihole inscription and Parthivasekara pura Tamil inscription Hindu dating of Kaliyuga and Vedas was correct.

Very interesting similarities are seen between the Hindus and Babylonians with regard to Time, Calendar and Almanac. I have found the following similarities in the book:

 horoscope of Aristocrates

1.Following Luni-Solar calendar for celebrating festivals; for instance Hindus celebrate some festivals on the basis of cycle of moon and others on the cycle of Sun. Babylonians did the same.

2.Because of the 11+ days of difference between the two cycles, an Intercalary Months was inserted every third year as the unlucky 13th month. Vedic scholars also did this and called it impure/dirty month (Mala Maatha). That is why 13 is considered impure, un lucky.

3.Horoscope writing was followed by both the cultures

4. Marking favourable and unfavourable days i.e. Auspicious and Inauspicious (Subha and Asubha Dinas)

5.Good days to make medicines and to take medicines. What part of the body is controlled by which zodiac sign. Though we have lots of things about these in Sanskrit scriptures, scholars believe that we borrowed them from the Babylonians through Greeks.

6.Movement of Venus and its effects on us. Hindu astrology linked movement of Venus and Jupiter with drought and harvest.

7.Even 2000 year old Tamil Sangam literature has hundreds of astrological and astronomical remarks in Tamil verses.

Following statements in the book are interesting: –

“Babylonians had astronomical diaries marking the movements of celestial things on day today basis. Akkadian language mentioned them as ‘regular watching’.

lunar eclipse rituals 

Celestial divination is known to have been practised in Mesopotamia already in early second millennium BCE . The late first millennium BCE saw many significant developments in astrology, including schemes linking astronomical phenomena to the rise and fall of business. They applied astrology to medicine including associating signs of the zodiac to a wide range of aspects of life. In particular, we find an increasing interest in applying astrology to medicine , including associating signs of the zodiac with different parts of the body.

The most significant development within astrology, however, was casing the horoscope of a new born child. One of these horoscopes reads-

“Year 77 (of the Seleucid Era), on the fourth of the month of Simanu, in the morning of the fifth, Aristocrates was born. That day the moon was in Leo, the sun was in 12;30Gemini. (..) The place of Jupiter (his life) will be prosperous, at peace; wealth will be long lasting. Venus was in 4 degree Taurus. The place of Venus; he will find favour wherever he goes. He will have sons and daughters.”

Seleucid era began in 312 BCE.

My comments

This is how Hindu astrologers write horoscopes till this day. Seleucus Nicator was a commander in Alexander’s army and he occupied parts of Alexander’s territories after his death. When Selecus invaded India he was defeated by the mighty Hindu army of Mauryas and he made peace with Chandragupta Maurya by giving his daughter in marriage to him. So he might have taken this horoscope writing to Babylonia and not vice versa. Even the 12 zodiac sign system came to Babylonia very late. This also may be the contribution of Hindus. Before that they had some zodiac signs and not all the 12. Greeks spread it to the Western world.


Astrology is the Right Hand of Hinduism: Christian Preacher’s attack! (Post No.3113)


Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 2 September 2016


Time uploaded in London: 8-30 AM


Post No.3113


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From the book

India – Its Life and Thought by John P.Jones D.D., The Macmillan Company, New York, 1908.



9.Modern Hinduism, also, inculcates the spirit of pessimism among its people. The Puranas tell us, and the people universally believe it, that we are now living in Kali Yuga, the iron age, in which all things are evil, and in which righteousness is a thing largely unknown to the people. All the forces of this age are against the good, and it leaves no encouragement to anyone to try to do, and to e, good.

zodiac, india


10.Add to this the even more potent belief of the people n astrology. The plants and the stars, the moon and the nodes are living gods, they say, which wield an influence over the life and destiny of human beings. The astrologer is perhaps the most important functionary in the social and religious life of the people. No marriage can be performed unless the horoscope of the bride and bridegroom harmonize. No social or domestic event of importance, and specially no religious ceremony of any consequence, carried on save during what are called auspicious days and moments. Astrology is the right hand of Hinduism, and it has supreme authority in the direction of most of its affairs.


Add to this is belief in omens, which enters very largely into human life and thought. A hindu will not start upon a journey save on what is astrologically an auspicious day; and if even a crow crosses his path from left to right, after he has begun his journey, it is regarded as an ill omen, and he will at once return home. He spends much of his time in watching such omens; even ass’s bray carries a significance to him. If it is heard in the east, his success will be delayed; in the southeast, it portends death; in the south it means wealth etc. It matters not how important it may be that a man should undertake a journey or a task at a certain time, he will not do it at that time if he finds it to be inauspicious.


When the new governor of Madras recently arrived at his destination, the reception to be given to him by the Hindus had to be postponed because it was ignorantly put at an hour which was Rahu Kala – an inauspicious hour!

In a thousand similar ways, the Hindu people are controlled and handicapped by silly superstitions which make life a burden to them and which rob them of efficiency and sanity.”



Temple Cars have Sensual Carvings! (Page 211)

“Among the most demoralizing institutions to the youth of India are the temple cars, which are found in every village of any consequence throughout the land. They are erected at great expense, by temple authorities, are most elaborately carved, and are used for the conveyance of the gods through the village streets upon festival occasions. There is hardly one of these cars, in South India at any rate, which is not disfigured by grossly sensual; carvings such as ought to bring blushing shame to any decent and self-respecting community. They are open to the public gaze, and children of the village play under their shadow, and gaze daily upon their vile and disgusting sights. The government would forbid the erection of such cars tomorrow, if they had not pledged themselves not o interfere with the religion of the people!


My Comments

If we read the above comments now, we cant stop laughing at him. Hindus still believe in all these things and yet have made tremendous progress. His comments about the sensual figures in the temple cars would evoke laughter. Even today the temple cars are made in the same way. But yet Hindus are not morally degraded. They are better than any other faiths. But worst things are available on line, and most of them are made in Christian countries.


The Christian preachers refused to translate the third part of Tirukkural (which deals with family life) last century. But today we hear about the crimes committed by the preachers.

About his remark on astrology, I have to point out that almost all the Western newspapers publish astrology column today.

About the omens, I have to point out that they are superstitious about number 13, number 666, ladder, cat etc.

There are more pornographic materials on the internet than on the temple cars!



In praise of Indians (page 197/198)

“The people of India are, perhaps, the most religious upon earth. In this respect, they are very unlike the Japanese and Chinese, who are worldly, prosaic practical. Hindus are poetic, other-worldly, and spiritually minded. They have a keen instinct for things of the spirit. They are, also, very unlike the people of the West.  Among Westerners, religion is largely an incident in life.it has for them a separate department, a small corner, in the life. In the East, on the other hand, religion enters into every detail of life. There is hardly a department or an interest in life which is not subsidized by faith and which has not to be conducted religiously. Moreover, the people of India thought out and elaborated most profound systems of theosophic thought in the far, remote past. When our ancestors were in the depth of savagery, Indian sages were indulging in metaphysical disquisitions which are even today the admiration of the western sages. And there were many among those ancient Hindu rishis whose self -propelled flight toward God and divine things, and whose spiritual aspirations and yearnings were so beautiful that we can but speak with profound respect and entertain the highest admiration of them religion is not merely a philosophy, or even an aspiration; it is something vastly more than this (From page 197/198)

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Hindu’s Strange Magic Square Astrology!! (Post No. 2756)

new todukuri 1

Translated by London swaminathan

Date: 25 April 2016


Post No. 2756


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sita chakra1

Full article is available in Tamil; posted already in two parts.

Astrology is a genuine science; but unfortunately astrologers are not good scientists. To predict the future of one’s customer, the astrologer must be a pure soul devoted to his profession. He may earn money through it but only honestly. But modern astrologers just pretend to know astrology. One must have studied all the astrology books, lead a pure life and use his intuition and experience to predict the future of his customer.


But there are some easy way of predicting one’s future or to get a “Yes or No” answer to any particular issue or question.

Apart from Horoscope (Birth Chart) based astrology, Palmistry, and numerology, Hindus have Bird omens, Parrot astrology, Lizard omens, Thread or Rope astrology (i.e inserting a thread or rope inside a holy book and open the page to find out Yes or No answer) or flower astrology (i.e. selecting a flower through an innocent child in front of God’s pictures or idols) or Paper note astrology (choosing a written chit with the help of a child) etc.


There is one more type of predictions what is known as “TOUCH A SQUARE AND FIND OUT YOUR FUTURE ASTROLOGY”. In short we can call it a Magic Square astrology. In Hindu Panchangams, (ephemeris) we see two small squares called Sita Chakra and Rama Chakra used by women and men respectively to find out what is in store for them. But many avoid using those squares because there are some threatening words like “Destruction, Riot or Death” in those squares.


I found a rare Tamil book in the British Library which is attributed to Sahadevan, one of the five Pandava Brothers. Sahadevan was a great astrologer who marked the date for starting the Great War of ancient India what is known as Mahabharata War.


The book is called Touch Square Astrology. It has got 64 squares with numbers starting from 111. But the numbers are not in numerical order. Some numbers are left out in between. For each number there is a verse giving the prediction for that number. This is very unique. I have not seen such a square in any part of the ancient world.


Those who believe in such magic squares astrology or prediction must have a bath and purify himself or herself and touch one square without looking at the 64 squares. Alternately a little boy or girl may be asked to touch one number for you. If you get a positive answer to your question or problem, you will be happy. If you get a negative answer don’t get dejected. After an intense prayer session for a few days, you may try the magic square again. If you get negative answer again, pray to god to nullify the effect or the evil influence of a planet or give you enough strength to withstand the onslaught of fate. That is what happened to Arjuna in the Mahabharata war. The Brahmastra cannot be stopped by anyone. It is a nuclear war head (Please read my article Is Brahmastra a Nuclear Weapon? Written by me in 2005 for South Indian Society magazine in London and posted in my blog in 2011). But when the weapon was launched Krishna pressed Arjuna’s chariot so hard that the astra/missile hit only his crown but not his head. The chariot’s wheels went into the ground. What happened was he lost his name and fame but not his life. But the nuclear radiation had its effect up to Uttara’s pregnant womb.


Here is the magic square. I will give the predictions square by square in parts. Please wait till all the 64 squares are done. Then you may use it.


Square 111

If you touch this number you will defeat your enemy; whatever you wish will come true; your wife will be very cooperative; you can see a mole on the right hand shoulder.

Square 112

What you thought wouldn’t happen at once; there will be some delay; your wife is the obstacle. Do puja to your family deity and you will succeed.

Square 113

You will be successful in financial matters. You will make profits. All the planets are in a favourable position. You will get issues (children); all your worries are gone and you will be happy.

To be continued…………………….


Chinese belief in Astrology (Post No. 2498)

IMG_9287 - Copy

Written by london swaminathan

Date: 1 February 2016


Post No. 2498


Time uploaded in London :–  15-27


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IMG_9292 - Copy

Hindus have divided the zodiac into 12 signs starting with Aries, Taurus… and the Chinese have divided their zodiac into 12 signs with 12 animals starting with rat and finishing with pig. Each sign is allocated one year and the year of Monkey begins on 8th February 2016.


Chinese have very strong belief in astrology in spite of the cultural revolution of Mao and the communist rule. My recent tour in Hong Kong and Australia for two weeks gave me a new insight in to their belief and the big business of astrology. Tourists, particularly from the Chinese community spend lot of money to buy the lucky symbols.


1.Laughing Buddha is considered a lucky symbol and every Chinese house has one of these figures. The largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, Nan Tien temple has a huge laughing Buddha at the entrance.


2.Chinese believe in lucky symbols and those lucky symbols in red colour ribbons are sold throughout Hong Kong. I have seen it hung in many houses and restaurants I visited during my trip. Hong Kong vendors sell these in their road side stalls.

  1. The 12 animal zodiac signs are kept even in tourist spots like Peak Tram attraction in Hong Kong.


4.Even the British Airways desk at the Hong Kong International airport has displayed a big monkey to welcome the Chinese community who are going to celebrate year of monkey in a weeks’ time on 8th February 2016.



  1. I went to the famous Wong Tai Sin temple in Hong Kong which is known as a wish fulfilling temple. Three great religions of Buddha, Tao and Confucius have their shrines there. The huge temple and the attached ornamental garden have Fengsui designed buildings.


Twelve zodiac animals are depicted with huge statues under which people stand and wish that their dreams are fulfilled. If a person born under rat sign comes, he goes to the rat sign and stands below it and wish his dreams come true. Wong was a great saint of fifth century CE. A big crowd was there in the morning when I visited the temple.


IMG_8594 - Copy


5.Kau cim is one of the practices used to find one’s future. Believers buy a bamboo tube in which incense sticks are there. One kneels before the temple and shakes it till an incense stick falls down. One will exchange it for a paper with the same number on the fallen stick. If one takes it to a soothsayer, that person will interpret it and tell your future. There are lot of soothsayer stalls in the vicinity.


  1. The biggest Buddhist temple known as Nan Tien temple is in Wollongong, fifty miles from Sydney in Australia. It has a lucky tree at which people throw lucky ribbons. Whoever throws the ribbon will get what he or she wants. The temple itself sells the red ribbons. We also bought two ribbons and threw them at the Kalpaka Vrksha.



  1. Just outside the huge temple, the twelve animal signs stand in open air, with the predictions written in Chinese and English. Tourists throng these places to take photos with their respective signs.

Nan Tien temple is very big and it has got Buddha statues at three levels. In the upper two floors Five Buddhas and Three Buddhas are in huge forms. There is dress code. A western woman was refused entry because she has not covered her body fully. Top floor has five huge colourful Buddha statues. Temple sells vegetarian food. The entire complex is no smoking, no alcohol, No meat area.


At the top of the hill there is a huge bell. Anyone goes there rings the bell with their wishes in mind. So we see this type of belief everywhere. The Chinese community’s enthusiastic following proves that they strongly believe in it.






IMG_8585 - Copy






Tamil’s Strong Belief in Astrology

Written by London Swaminathan
Post No. 1082; 3rd June 2014.

Sangam Tamil literature in its 2389 poems sung by 461 poets give us voluminous information about their beliefs in supernatural and paranormal things. All these poets lived in the first three centuries of modern era. They believed in different types of predictions. Though they have some specialised techniques to read the future of any person, most of them are same like North India. This not only debunks the Aryan – Dravidian Racist theory, but also belies the atheist propaganda about an ancient rationalist Tamil society.

Tamil literature has got encyclopaedic information on astrology. For want of space, I give below some of the popular beliefs: this is not an exhaustive list—

The oldest Tamil book Tolkappiam mentions that the Royal umbrella and the Royal sword should be moved in the direction of travel on an auspicious day. Tamil weddings took place on the day of Rohini’s (Star Aldebaran) alignment with the moon (Agam 86 and 136). What Tolkappiar said nearly 2000 years ago is still followed by the Hindus. If they book plane tickets for some auspicious functions such as weddings abroad and the travel date is not auspicious, they simply move their luggage to the next door or a neighbour or do a Puja at an auspicious time .

I have written an article about Rohini star and the Tamil weddings. The references are at the end of this post.

Meteors: Kudalur Kizar (Puram 229) described the effect of a meteor he and his colleagues saw in the sky. They predicted that the Chera King Mantharan Ceral Irumporai would die in seven days time and it came true.

Indian stamps on Zodiac signs.

The connection between Venus and Rain are seen in many of the Sangam verses:– Puram 117 by Kapilar, Puram. 35,41,384, 385,386, 388, 390, 398; Maduraikanchi Lines 106-109; Pattinappalai 1and 2. Depending upon the movement or position of the planet they predicted floods and drought. This is a new field for research. Modern scientists or astronomers have not yet found any link between rain and Venus. But Tamil and Sanskrit books are very clear about this link. Future research would prove that the Hindus are the first to discover this link.

Zodiac signs
Lot of people suspected Greek influence in Indian astronomy. For instance the 12 zodiac signs did not exist in Indian astrology before the Greek occupation of North West India, they say. Hindus divided the path of moon in the sky into 27 constellations from the Vedic days. But ‘’Nedunal Vadai’’ (lines 160–161 ) sung by Nakkirar and Pura. 229 by Kudalur Kizar mention Mesha Rasi (Aries).

I doubt about Hindus borrowing these signs from the Greek. If we believe that Nakkirar and other 460 Sangam poets lived in the first three centuries of modern era, the Greek knowledge would not have spread that fast to Tamil Nadu from the North Western corners of India or Tamil’s direct contacts with the Yavanas. It will take hundreds of years to absorb foreign ideas and use them in popular poetry. Sometimes people start using certain terms in certain ages. This doesn’t mean that they learnt it late from other sources. Lord Ganesh is not mentioned by any Sangam poet or Manikkavasagar. Inspite of their knowledge about Lord Siva, the word SIVA was not used by any of the Sangam poets. So I will take all these as trends in literature.
Israel Stamps onZodiac signs

27 Stars
Amazing thing about the Tamil astronomy is that they have lot of pure Tamil names for 27 stars in the sky, even during Sangam period. Star Anuradha is called Mudapanaiyam (stunted Palmyra tree) and Punarvasu a Kadaikulam (Pond). We don’t know why they named the stars so. But we know the same star clusters are seen by different cultures as different shapes. For instance, what we see as Saptarishi Mandalam (seven sages) is seen as Ursa Major (Great Bear) by the Greeks. Other cultures described it as a kite, a chariot etc.
Tamils must have observed the stars from very early times which is known from the way they named the star clusters/ constellations. At the same time they did not hesitate to use the Sanskrit words in Tamilized form as well. Kudalur Kizar in Puram.229 used the words Panguni (falguna), Uusi (Udichyai for North in Sanskrit), Paasi (Prachyai for East) etc.

Like their northern counterparts Tamils also worshipped the Saptarishi/Seven Stars, Arundhati (alcor)and Pole Star. All these are referred to in Sangam poems.

maldive stamps
Eclipse: Though ancient Hindus knew very well that the eclipses are caused by the shadows of earth and moon, they told the laymen a story about a snake devouring the sun and the moon. Tamils also reflected this Puranic story in their ancient verses. (Puram 260, Agam 114 & 313. They have calculated the days of eclipse well in advance.

Bird signs
Details are in the verses of Puram. 204, 124, 68,41.
I have given the details in my four posts : 1)Etruscan- Hindu Tamil Link, 2)Kapinjala Bird Mystery in Rig Veda, 3)OWLS: Are they Good or Bad Omens? 4)Can Birds Predict Your Future? See the links at the bottom of this article.

The sound made by the lizards served as omens for the Tamils. Kavan mullai putanar says,” the lizard on the Kalli tree makes its characteristic tickling sound and is taken as predicting the events to the wayfarers (Agam 151). Another poet says that the travellers paused a while hearing the tickling sound of the lizard (Agam 387). Even wild animals followed lizard sounds! A boar was just about to enter a millet field, but it went back on hearing the tickling sound of the lizard (Agam 186).
More references:–Agam 9, 151, 289, 387; Narrinai 98, 169,3 33, 9.

canada zodiac

Comets: Like any ancient community Tamils were also afraid of the comets. They used the Sanskrit word ( Dhuma ketu) and Tamil word (Pukai Kodi) for it. Reference: Puram 117. Also in post- Sangam Tamil epic Manimekalai 6-64, 7-74, Silappadikaram 10-102

Extinct Astrology
Virichi (Mullaippaattu 6-11,Pura 280), Unnam (Pathirrupathu 7th decad), Dark Bird Karik Kuruvi, Kurathi, Veri Atal are special techniques used by the Tamils to find about good and bad that is going to happen. The techniques are almost extinct now.

Virichi is hearing good or auspicious words before embarking on a task. Maravars sought Virichi before entering another country to ‘capture’ the cattle. This was the first step in waging a war. Tolkappiar also mentioned it.
Unnam is a tree. If it is very green it is considered positive and good. If it is wilted it is no good.
Veri Aatal is asking about the impending wedding of a daughter from a fortune teller. Sometimes the girls who had clandestine love affair were laughing at their mothers secretly about the futility of the task.

Nadi Jothidam
No reference of Nadi Jothidam is available in Sangam Literature: But it is prevalent from the olden days. It is about giving predictions with the help of old palm leaf manuscripts in which already one’s life predictions are written by the sages in verse form. Please read my article What India could teach the NASA scientists? (Link is at the end of this post).

There are many more beliefs about sneezing, twitching of eyes, blossoming of the Venkai trees, dreams etc.

star chart
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