Hindu’s Magic Square Astrology- Part 2 (Post No 2758)

new todukuri 1

Picture: 64 magic squares are here; touch one and find out your future.

Translated by London swaminathan

Date: 26 April 2016


Post No. 2758


Time uploaded in London :– 15-18


( Thanks for the Pictures)




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Please the read the introduction in the first part of this article posted yesterday here. This is second part.

All the parts are published in Tamil already.


Square no.114

You will succeed in what you have planned; You will get help from your friends. You will get a good Guru/teacher in three months’ time

Square 121

Your worries are over; do worship your family deity; a friend will come to your help; your business will be run profitably; this what our forefathers told about this number

Square 122

You will be successful in your business; whatever you have lost will come back to you; but don’t trust your friends. They will let you down


Square 123

Your problems will be solved; because of one bad quality in you had made enemies from your relatives. If you drop that bad habit, you will get good news in five days.

Square 124

No more problems; what you have lost will be regained; your wish will come true; your enemies will become friends; your family tree will grow

Square 131

Do Navagraha puja at your house and your worries will go away and you will get some help from a woman. Your wish will come true. You will get profits.


Square 132

Your wish wont be fulfilled; you will get some loss; you will become sick; even your wife will become your enemy. You will incur loss. Your entire business may be taken over by someone else.


Square 133

You will succeed in your planning. Because of friendship with a great person. With the help of good people you will defeat your enemy. But at home work will be affected; do puja to your domestic god.


Square 134

What you thought will become a reality. Business will flourish; diseases will run away; you will get children


Square 141

Your bad period is over; whatever you do will bring profits. A marriage will happen soon; you will get some help from a woman. You shouldn’t earn an enemy.


Square 142

What you lost because of anger will come back to you. Marriage will happen; you are trusting a friend who has bad intentions; don’t trust him. Whatever you have planned, please go ahead.

Square 143

What you thought will be successful; good news from the West will come; your difficulties are over; you will get profits in two months. Do puja to family deities; you will get new children.


Square 144

You will get a good job with the help of a VIP. Business will improve and you will get profits. All will succeed at the domestic front.

Square 211

Your dreams will come true; family will flourish; you will get children; but you want to travel and go out; it won’t happen; you have some Deva puja to do; only when you do that travel will happen


Square 212

You will get good money; family will flourish; the Rahu planet in your chart will disappear on this good day (his evil effects will disappear).

Square 213

Lost things will be found again; you will get profits in distant places; don’t trust one of your enemies. But be bold; you will one thing which will come back to you.


Square 214

You are very much worried; that will go away; if seven days gone, you don’t need to worry for two years; you stopped doing the work you have been doing; once you start doing it again, all will be fine.


Square 221

All is nothing but loss; don’t listen to others; fighting with the friends; wait for 30 days; some good may happen.


Square 222

Whatever you do won’t be successful; there is danger; leave the bad thoughts now.

Square 223

All will be fine; planets are in good position; you will get profits; no worries.

Square 224

All your works will go ahead without any difficulties; but you are not helping anyone; you have to change and help others.

Square 231

You will be successful. You have some ideas in your mind; that will fructify after some time; nothing to worry

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