Hindu’s Magic Square Astrology- Part 4 (Post No. 2764)

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Translated by london swaminathan

Date: 28 April, 2016


Post No. 2764


Time uploaded in London :–  21-03


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Please read this last part (Part -4) along with the previous three parts.




Square 341

Something is troubling your mind; health wise, you are suffering from Pitha dosha; just pray to Lord Shiva; all the difficulties will disappear; no fear.



Square 342

You will be successful; good things will happen in the western direction; your problems will be solved; just wait for two months.




Square 343

You lost something due to anger; that will come back to you; you have undergone lot of troubles; wait for five months; all will be cleared; don’t fear to do to do anything.




Square 344

All your difficulties are gone. Whatever you do will succeed. You are separated from your friend; you will become friends again; you will get some help from a woman; don’t estrange anyone.



Square 411

Your desires wont be fulfilled; your dreams wont come true; a friend is giving trouble; don’t trust him; pray to your family deity; mediocre benefits only.




Square 412

You will be successful; you are worried about the property of a woman; you will get it soon; you will get issues; pray to your family deity.




Square 413

You are troubled by money worries; a woman will help and solve it; a good man will help you; you will get a job outside your place; good things are seen in your birth chart




Square 414

You suffered a lot; those are gone; you have certain ideas. That will come out successful in a month’s time; pray to your family deity.



Square 421

You are worried about the thing you lost; you will get it back; you will get some help from outside your place; nothing to worry.



Square 422

You have been suffering for three years; those sufferings are gone; whatever you do will succeed; no fear; you will have a child. Pray to your family deity.




Square 423

Whatever you do will succeed; but do everything by consulting others.



Square 424

You are suffering; whatever you have done failed; no happiness at Homefront as well; all will improve hereafter wards.



Square 431

You will be successful in whatever you plan; brothers will come to your rescue; planets are in good position; no worries.




Square 432

You will be successful; you want to go out of your town; that will work out well. Don’t trust anyone; there is a fight between the brothers in your family.




Square 433

Business will improve; good money will come; good friends will bring you good luck; you will get children; no worries; day by day it will improve.




Square 434

What you think will be fruitful; domestic problems will also be solved; pray to god.



Square 441

Worried; since you were under the influence of evil planets you lost something; mediocre benefits only; you will get back the lost things in 7 months or 2 years.



Square 442

You are always sick and yet the good things you did – dharma – is saving you. Pray to your family deity and nine planets.



Square 443

By god’s grace all your deeds will be successful;


Square 444

Whatever you plan will succeed; you are fearing something; shed your fears; if you live with your relatives it will be better for you. You have stopped doing your work; resume it; you will be happy.


Analysis :-


We see some uniform predictions such as you will get money, your desires will be fulfilled; you will get children; you will get back the lost thing;  you have an enemy; don’t trust him etc. but this is the way they gave predictions in the olden days. Though it looks like generic; we can still reinterpret it in modern terms; we can take it as YES or NO. In short it talks about your family, money and friends.






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