Circus Elephant: Gratitude Anecdotes (Post No.2906)


Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 18  June 2016


Post No. 2906


Time uploaded in London :– 14-05


( Pictures are taken by London swaminathan)





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An old deacon, having occasion to spend a night at a hotel, was assigned a room containing three single beds, two of which already had occupants. Soon after the light was extinguished one of these began to snore so loudly as to prevent the deacon from getting to sleep. The tumult increased as the night wore away, until it became absolutely fearful. Some two or three hours after midnight the snorer turned himself in bed, gave a hideous groan, and became silent. The deacon had supposed the third gentle man asleep, but at this juncture he heard him exclaim,

He is dead! Thank god. He is dead!



Are you fond of lobster salad? Asked the hostess of the Doctor.


No, he replied, I am not fond of it but I am grateful to it.



It is my Corn!

You have much to be grateful for, said the clergyman to the old farmer,

Providence cares for us all . Even the birds of the air are fed each day.

Yeah, growled the farmer, off my corn.





Complaint: God is not giving us soap!

In some parts of Mexico hot springs and cold springs are found side by side. The women often boil their clothes in the hot springs and rinse them in the cold springs. A tourist who had been watching the procedure, remarked to his Mexican friend, I guess

They think old Mother Nature is pretty generous.


No, senor, the other replied,

There is much grumbling because she supplies no soap.




Not withstanding his long career of snatching killers out of the clutches of the law, Samuel Leibowitz is not an admirer of the class. He considers them unlovable natures and born ingrates. Demonstrating this, he notes that no single one of the 78 men whom he has saved from the chair ever sent him a Christmas card.





Dr Walter Adams elephant story (posted by me here on 11/7/2015)

Indians are very familiar with the stories of gratitude. We have such stories in the Panchatantra fables. But I am not going to repeat those fables. Here is a real life story:

Dr.Walter Adams, astronomer at Mount Wilson Observatory told a story of gratitude:

“A hunter in the jungle came across an elephant limping. The hunter followed it. Finally it toppled over. The hunter examined its feet. In one there was a large thorn. This he removed

Years passed and the hunter was in a cheap seat at a circus. A turn was given by a troupe of performing elephants. One of these elephants reached in its trunk, encircled his waist, and lifted from his cheap seat and set him down in a seat in a private box.



Snake and Frog

Snake and Frog


While fishing one day, said the old timer, I ran short of bait and and temporarily at loss as to what to do. Upon looking down near my feet, I noticed a small snake which held a frog in its mouth I removed the frog and cut it up for bait, feeling very fortunate that my eyes had lighted on the snake at that moment.

I did, however feel a bit guilty at relieving the poor reptile of his meal, and in order to give him a slight recompense for my supply of bait, I poured a few drops of whisky into its mouth. Fortunately for my conscience, the snake seemed to leave in a contented mood, and I turned and went on fishing.

Sometime had passed when something hitting against the leg of my boot. Looking down I saw the identical snake, laden with three more frogs.


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