Churchill’s Moustache! More Rough and Ready Anecdotes (Post No. 3472)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 22 December 2016


Time uploaded in London:- 8-13 AM


Post No.3472



Pictures are taken from different sources; thanks.




Did you call me X Y Z?
Chief Justice Marshall of the US Supreme Court related that Governor Giles of Virginia once addressed a note to Patrick Henry
“Sir, I understand that you have called me a “Bobtail politician “. I wish to know if it be true and, if true, your meaning” – W M Giles

Patrick Henry replied
“Sir, I do not recollect calling you a Bobtail politician at any time but think it probable I have. Not recollecting the time of the occasion, I can’t say what I did mean; but if you will tell me what you think I meant, I will say whether you are correct or not”.
Very Respectfully,
Patrick Henry



Winston Churchill’s Moustache!

At that stage in his political career at which Winston Churchill switched over from the Conservative to the Liberal side of the house , many of his erstwhile adherents were sorely offended. A snappish young lady once told him playfully, “There are two things I don’t like about you, Mr Churchill.
“Yes”, he inquired.

“Your new politics and your new moustache”.
“My dear Madam, said Churchill coldly, you are not likely to come into much contact with either”.


Shooting just for the Motion!

At Kentucky (USA) political meeting a certain participant in the debate was shot by the several of the others at the meeting. The event occurred on the open floor and created a considerable stir in the community .

A Northerner, who was in the town, asked an
acquaintance who had been present, why the shooting had occurred.
“He made a motion that was Out of order”, explained the Kentuckian.
Horrified at this excess of parliamentarianism ,
“You mean to tell me that they shot a man in cold blood on the floor of the meeting just for making a motion that was out of order!”
“Well, drawled his informant, the motion was toward his hip pocket ”


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