8 Auspicious Things, 16 Gifts and 32 Charitable Acts! (Post No.3505)

 Written by London swaminathan


Date: 1 January 2017


Time uploaded in London:-  19-50


Post No.3505



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Ancient Hindu poets have composed poems to remember important things in life. Uvamana Sangraham is a book that contains good verses giving details of Eight Auspicious Symbols, Sixteen Good Fortunes or God Given Gifts in life and 32 Charitable Acts.

According to it, the Eight Auspicious (Ashta Mangla) symbols are:

1.Fly whisk 2.Purna Kumbha/Pot 3.Mirror 4Ankusam/Goad 5. Drum 6.Flag 7. Two Fishes 8.Lamp

Eight Precious Things (Aiswarya) are

1.Good Relatives 2.Good Government 3.Good Children 4.Gold 5. Clothing 6.Servants 7. Grains (food items) 8. Vehicles for Transport


16 God Given Gifts

1.Strength 2. Youthfulness 3.Good Children 4.Good Health 5. Long Life span 6. Lands 7. Woman/wife 8. Gold 9. Intelligence 10. Enthusiasm 11. Education 12. Victory 13. Fame 14. Respect 15. Grains/Food Items 16. Beauty


32 Charitable Acts

Provision of 1.Washerman 2.Barber 3.Ear Ornament 4.Mutts 5.Public Gardens 6.Public Tanks 7.Lime 8. Cremating bodies of Orphans 9. Fodder for Cows 10. Medicine for Eye sight 11. Water Provision by erecting Pandals/Thatched Sheds 12.Oil for head 13.Rescuing people from Danger 14. Milk for Children 15. Giving birth to children 16. Raising them 17. Setting Orphanage 18.Food for learners/students 19.Food for all animals 20. Medicine for the sick 21. Providing Bulls for breeding 22. Serving food in Prisons 23.Solving the difficulties of People/Community Service 24. Help for Marriage 25. Food for mendicants 26. Provision of Snacks 27. Help for clothing 28. Provision of women 29. Shelter for the Poor 30.Giving to Beggars 31. Water Drinking Places for cows 32.Provision of Mirrors




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