Voltaire, Churchill’s Wife and Max Beerbohm Anecdotes (Post No.3582)

French Poet Voltaire


Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 27 January 2017


Time uploaded in London:-19-44


Post No.3582



Pictures are taken from different sources; thanks.




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Fatness Anecdotes continued…………..


Chesterfield and Voltaire were once attending a ball in London. A celebrated beauty was there , much berouged and painted. This lady concentrated a great deal of her attention very flattering ly upon the renowned French man Chesterfield accosted Voltaire and cautioned jokingly

“Sir, take care that you are not captivated.”


“My old friend, said Voltaire, I scorn to be taken by an English craft with French colours”.



Churchill’s Wife in Election Campaign!

Lady Randolph Churchill was canvassing among the voters of Woodstock on behalf her husband, the then chancellor of the exchequer . Interviewing a workman, she asked for his support. No, certainly not, he replied. I should never think of voting for a I unity lazy fellow who never leaves bed until dinner time.

The lady assured him that he was wrongly informed, adding,

As I happen to be his wife, my evidence ought to be conclusive.

“Lor, madam”, he at once replied,

“If you were my wife I should never want to get up”.



British Painter Sir Joshua Reynolds

Signature for the Posterity!


One of the finest compliments ever offered was the compliment by Sir Joshua Reynolds to Mrs Siddons, the Queen of Tragedy, whose portrait he painted. When it was finished Mrs Siddons noticed a peculiar brocaded effect upon the corner of the robe, and found on closer examination that it was the painters name inscribed upon it. Turning to the artist she was met with a stately bow.

“I could not resist the opportunity, sir Joshua explained, of sending down my name to posterity on the hem of your garment.”




Picture of Max Beerbohm

Discovered sudden beauty!

It was one of those Selfridge election parties that Max Beerbohm was heard to make one of his delightful remarks. He and his wife had been asked to come to the party, which was attended by nearly all London. There were beautiful girls from the stage , striking ladies from the film studios and others both beautiful and striking from addresses Mayfair.

He looked gravely round at the faces near him. All were painted, not with the art that conceals art, but with the determination to gain attention. This elderly exquisite looked again and shuddered, then he turned to his wife,

“My dear, you are looking so charming tonight that I simply must talk to you”.


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