First Homosexual King in History! (Post No.3692)

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Date: 5 March 2017


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Pepy II ruled ancient Egypt between 2278 and2184 BCE. This means he had ruled for 94 years! He was the longest reigning king in the world history. He was famous (or notorious) for two or three other things.


He was the first homosexual king in the world! Pepy married many women, but he lived longer than those queens. He died at the age of 100. He became king when he was six years old. This is possible because he would have been supported by his uncles or mother. He was famous for capturing pygmies from central Africa and made them dance for him. They were known as Dancing Dwarves.

The other thing that made him known was his homosexuality. According to a story circulating during the Middle Kingdom he pursued a homosexual affair with one of his generals, Sasenet. The king was said to have been observed creeping surreptitiously out of his palace at night and climbing over the wall of the general’s house and returning in the dawn.


Pepy II belonged to the Sixth Dynasty of Old Kingdom. He was buried in a Pyramid at Saqqara. He followed his brother Merenre at the age of six with the support of his uncle vizier and Harkhuf. During Pepy’s rule the country became prosperous. He invaded Nubia and Sinai to get gold and precious gem stones.


No tax to Temple lands!

Like the Hindu Kings of India he donated lands to temples and nobles. He exempted those lands from tax. Though he ruled peacefully because of these handouts, his policy created problems for later kings. The central authority was weakened and there was instability.


Source: Who is Who in Ancient Egypt by Michael Rice



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