Definition of a Woman by a Tamil Poet! (Post No.3841)

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 22 APRIL 2017

Time uploaded in London:- 17-43

Post No. 3841

Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.


Neethi Venpa is a Tamil Didactic work by an anonymous author. It has got lot of four line verses similar to Samskrita Subhashitas of didactic nature. Two verses are about good women and talkative women.

The poet gives the definition of a good woman:

A woman is one who has the following six attributes:

1.One who showers Love and Affection like a Mother who has got Patience like the Earth

(Tamil and Sanskrit literatures compare Patience with the Earth) who serves like a servant who looks beautiful like goddess Lakshmi who gives pleasure (to her husband in bed) like a courtesan who give advice like a minister

that one is called a WOMAN

If women chat……………….


In another verse the poet describes what would happen if talkative and bad women chat:

If one woman speaks the earth will shake;

if two ( bad) women chat the stars will fall from the heaven;

if three (bad) women chat the sea will become dry;

if many women chat, Oh My God!, what will happen?


We have similar verses in Sanskrit as well (Please go to my old posts).


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