Buddha and Valluvar on Words and Deeds: Great Men Think Alike-3 (Post No.3997)

Buddha and Valluvar on Words and Deeds: Great Men Think Alike-3 (Post No.3997)


Written by London Swaminathan
Date: 13 June 2017
Time uploaded in London- 18-06
Post No. 3997
Pictures are taken from various sources such as Face book, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.
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(Though I have posted upto part 7, part 3 is missing in the series. So I am posting it today)


Valluvar says in Tirukkural on Words and Deeds

It is harmful even to dream of association with friends, whose words and actions are disgracefully different (Kural 819)

Buddha says in Dhammapada

If a man speaks many holy words but he speaks and does not, this thoughtless man cannot enjoy the life of holiness; he is like a cowherd who counts the cows of his master –(Dhammapada 19)


All the Hindu scriptures insist if anyone has Tri Karana Suddhi—purity in three: Thoughts, Words and Deeds – then that person can do miracles. It is very easy to write about it or talk about it but very difficult to follow it.


Hindu ascetics became great when they practised what they preached and preached only what they practised.



Valluvar says in Tirukkural on Giving Advice

To give advice is easy for all; but to act according to one’s advice is indeed difficult (Kural 664)

Buddha says in Dhammapada

Let him first find what is right and then he can teach it to others, avoiding thus useless pain.

If he makes himself as good as he tells others to be, then he is in truth can teach others. Difficult indeed is self-control  –(Dhammapada 158,159)



Valluvar says in Tirukkural on Adultery and Lying

Valluvar deals with adultery in ten couplets in chapter 15. Buddha also deals with it in various places.

Valluvar insists speaking truth in ten couplets. Buddha also speaks about it in several couplets. Since they are considered part of FIVE GREAT SINS (Panca Maha Patakas), they repeat it as many times as possible. We will look at a few couplets:

The Ideal house-holder is who he will not be attracted by the feminine grace of another’s wife (Kural 147)


If a man could conduct himself true to his own self he would be in the heart of all in the world (Kural 294)

In all true scriptures, we have known, nothing is praised so highly as truthfulness (300)

(Eg. Harischandra, Rama, Gandhiji)

In the Hindu Gurukula education system, the first thing the child learns is Satyam Vada (speak the truth); Truth alone triumphs is also in the motto of Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India. It is from the Mundakopanishad)


Buddha says in Dhammapada

He who destroy lives

who utters lies

who takes what is not given to him

who goes to the wife of another

who gets drunk with liquor

–he digs up the root of his life (Dhammapada 246,247).


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