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The countries of the Vindhya mountain region along with the south, south east and south west have been dealt in this chapter. The peculiar point is that Lanka has not been mentioned anywhere. It means the city of Lanka was submerged long before. But Simhala (Ceylon or Sri Lanka) is mentioned.


The second unique description is the knowledge of the western horizon up to the northern Atlanti ocean, Roma, Antioch and Yavananampuri according to Pande Syam Narayan, the author of the book


1.ANUPA: Nimar district; on the northern bank of Narmada; also known as Haihai country.


2.AVANTI: Malwa region; capital Ujjaini; Panini called it Ujna.


3.ASMAKA: District of Ahmednagar and Bodhan are of Andhrapradesh; capital Prathistanapura; Asmaka, son of Kalmasavad founded the city of Paudanya.

4.ANDHRA: Aitareya Brahmana refers to it; region between the mouths of Godavari and Krsna rivers.

5.BALIRASTRA: MBG mentioned only four countries with RASHTRA ending:Aadirashtra, Pamsurashtra, Goparashtra and Balirashtra.It is Bali island of Indonesia. Mahabharata mentioned that Rama spent ten years in this area.

6.BHOJA: modern Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh; Aitareya Brahmana mentioned title of Bhoja of the monarchs of the south.

7.COLA: districts of Thanjavur and Trichy; There was a king named Sagraaha Cola whose capital was Kanchi.


8.CUCUKA: Cecu near Hyderabad in Andhra.

9.DASAARNA: erastern part of Malwa country; capital- Vidhisa.


10.DANDAKA: East of Nasik up to Aurangabad districts of Maharashtra.Rama spent ten years here.


11.DRAVIDA: Sahadeva conquered this country according to MBH. region from Madras upto Rangapattam

and the peninsula of Kumari; another opinion country north of Kaveri up to Ailamalaya and Nilgris.

12.DEVAPRASTHA: region between Amarakantaka and Kanchipura

13.GANDAKA: Ahemedabadregion

14.HAIHAI: modern NIMADA; northern banks of Narmada

15.KARNATAKA:modern Karnataka

16.KAARUUSA: modern Baghelakand area

17.KUNTALA: Solapura and Bijapura area in river Bhima basin


18 and 19. KUMAARA and KUMAARIKAA: towards Kumari peninsula


20.KERALA: modern Kerala

21.MAHISAKA: modern Bellari, Citradurga and Shimoga;

22.MAALAVA:Nakula conquered the country during his dikvijay towards west.Greeks refereed to them Maloi; they lived on the baks of Ravi 2400 years ago.

23.MEKALA: region stretching from Riva to Khairagarha from where the rivers Narmada and Sona originate.

24MUSAKA: also known as Suutika and Musika. near Hyderabad on the river Musi.

25.NISHADA: modern Gwalior region

26.NALAKAANANA: Bellari-Anantpur regions

27.PANDYA: Ramnad, Madurai, Tirunelveli areas Sahadeva conquered it. There were Agastya and Kumari pilgrimages.

28.RSIKA: Khanadesa of Madhya Pradesh

29.SIMHALA: modern Sri Lanka

30.SABARA: Ganjam and Vizagapatnam districts on river Sabari.

31.TALAJANGHA: north of Narmada near Haihai country. Haihai wre divided into five groups: Talajangha,Tundikera,Vitihotras, Bhojas, Avantis

32.TALAKATA: western side of river Ganga

33.UDRA: modern Odisah(Orissa); Utkala, Kalinga

34.VANAVASAKA: modern Vanvasi; Kannada and Karwar areas on river Tungabadra

35.VIDARBHA: garuda, Vaidharna; region near origin of the tributaries of Godavari, tapti, Penganga; modern Vidharba

36.VINDHYA VIPULA: southern foothills of Vindhya- Satpura mountains; inhabitants were called Vindhya culika or culaka or muuliiya.


to be continued………………………….

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