Big Bang in the Rig Veda! (Post No.4235)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 22 September 2017


Time uploaded in London- 16-28


Post No. 4235


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.



What is the Big Bang?

Big Bang in astronomy, is the hypothetical explosive event that marked the origin of the universe as we know it. At the time of the Big  Bang, the entire universe was squeezed into a hot , super dense state. The Big Bang event threw this composite material outwards producing the expanding universe. The cause of the Big Bang is unknown; observations of the current rate of expansion of the universe suggests it took place about 10-20 billion years ago —Hutchinson Encyclopaedia


According to Hindu Yuga calculation, it happened about 15 billion years ago.

The Big Bang is described in the Rig Veda 6000 or 7000 years ago. Cosmologists wonder that such a thought occurred to one or two seers on the banks of River Sarasvati in India. Hindus are great cosmologists that the same creation is described in several Brahmanas, Puranas and Manau Smrti as well.

Creation Hymn: Nasadiya Sukta

The following remarkable passage from the Rig Veda (10-129) describes the creation of the universe.


“There was then (in the beginning) neither non-entity nor entity; there was no atmosphere, nor sky above. What enveloped all? Where in the receptacle of what (was it contained)? Was it water, the profound abyss? Death was not there, nor immortality; there was distinction of day or night. That one breathed calmly, self-supported; there was nothing different from, or above it.


In the beginning darkness existed, enveloped in darkness. All this was undistinguishable water. That one which lay void, and wrapped in nothingness, was developed by the power of fervour. Desire first arose in it. which was the primal germ of mind; and which sages, searching with their intellect, have discovered it in their heart to be the bond which connects entity with non-entity.


The ray (cord) which stretched across these worlds, was it below or above? There were there impregnating powers and mighty forces, a self-supporting principle beneath and energy above. Who knows, who here can declare, whence has sprung this creation?”


A beautiful description of the Big bang and the later water enveloped earth. So I see two stages here; one is the Big Bang. Scientists say that they don’t know the cause of the Big Bang. But Hindu seers say that the DESIRE in the god made it happen. The second stage is water every where , of course billions of years after he Big bang. Now we all know that there was only sea and then land emerged and the life first appeared in water.


The Hindu scriptures clearly say that the water had the life seeds, impregnated ny the rain god.


How did the Hindu seers get such a thought about cosmology (Big bang) 6000 years before the Western cosmologists/astronomers? Did they find it by intuition? They also knew that TIME is cyclical. It happens again and again. Western scientists still do not know it.


Manu also says in the first chapter of Manava Dharma Shastra:

“This universe was enveloped in darkness, uperceived, undistinguishable, undiscoverable, unknowable, as it were entirely sunk in sleep. Then the irresistible , self-existent Lord, undiscerned, causing this universe with the five elements and all other things to become discernible, was manifested, dispelling the gloom. He who is beyond the cognisance of the senses, subtle, undiscernible and eternal, who in the essence of all beings, and inconceivable, himself shone forth. He, DESIRING, seeking to produce various creatures from his own body, first created the waters, and deposited in them the sed. This became a golden egg, resplendent as the sun, in which he himself was born as Brahma, the progenitor of all the world. That Lord having continued one year ( not our year Brahma’s year), divided it into two parts by his mere thought. With these two shells, he formed the heaven and earth, and in the middle placed the sky (atmosphere), the eight regions and the eternal abode of waters.”

Wherever science said unknown, there Hindus introduced God. The Five elements (Pancha Bhuta) concept, The Floods (Pralaya) concept, Life from the water concept,  Heaven and earth concept—all these things spread to Babylonia and Greece from India. Vedas were the earliest literature to describe anything in the universe is globular. Now we know that the earth and other planets are globular or round and the universe itself is expanding as a round balloon! So this is also a Hindu discovery. How did they know it? That is the greatest mystery. And they say that there will be a Big Shrink and then it starts again with another Brahma.


If a scientist or an atheist begin to think what was there before the Big Bang? How did or where did it come from? he will become mad and stop thinking at one stage. Because if you something came from something then one would question how did that something came? and where from did it come? So it is a never ending enquiry. Hindus said that its God’s will or desire. So, they recognised the existence of God before the Big bang or the creation. And they told the world that God is eternal. So, no more questions arose!


Nasadiya Suktam in the Rig Veda shows that the Vedic Hindus were well advanced in Astronomy and cosmology. They were great mathematicians and used decimal system in almost all the hymns 6000 0r 7000 years ago! Now if anyone says that the Vedic Hindus were nomads and pastoral people we can have a good laugh. The foreign “scholars” look like pukka idiots in front of this Vedic seer who gave us the Nasadiya (creation) sukta.


The Nasadiya Hymns (RV 10-129) traces the creation of the existent to the non-existent. One must read much between the lines to fit it in a true metaphysical pattern. But from the text itself it is obvious that the poet succeeded in stretching his imagination to a point of time when creation had not yet come into being ( before the Big Bang!). He can visualize the primal darkness of non-existence and the complete void in Time and Space. He has a dim misty vision – but a powerful and gripping one all the same – of being slowly emerging of non being. The power of the hymn lies in this vision.


In another essay, we will see what the great scholars say about this creation hymn.

Long Live the Vedas! Long Live the Vedic seers!!



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