Picture of Saptarishi mandala (Great Bear/ Ursa Major/ Great Dipper)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 28 September 2017


Time uploaded in London- 14-37



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Satapata Brahmana, part of Shukla Yajur Veda, says that women are stars. They mean that women become stars in the sky and lead their husbands to heaven.


Many cultures believe that dead people, ancestors, departed souls become stars. But Hindus say that good souls become stars. Hindus even gave the star status to Seven Seers (sapta Rishis/ Ursa Major), a little boy name Dhurva (Pole star) , Agastya (Canopus), chaste women Arundhati (alcol) and Trishanku (Southern cross).

Satapata Brahmana says:

“Of old the divine women, with unclipped wings, dear to all the gods, did bake it (the fire pan), like Angiras, in the lap of the earth; and with their help, he (the priest) now bakes it. but surely these are the stars – the women (jani) and indeed the stars, for these are the lights of those righteous men (jana) who go to the celestial world; it is by means of the stars that he thus bakes it.”


“When one has thus ascended these worlds, that is the goal, that the safe refuge; the rays of the sun who burns there, are the righteous departed and what highest light, there is, that is Prajapati or the heavenly world. Having then in this way ascended these worlds, he reaches that goal, that safe refuge”

–Satapata Brahmana 1-9-3/10

Seven Seers ( Sapta Rishis) constellation

In 4-3-4-8 we read the statement that the stars are the lights of righteous me who go the heavenly world. In another passage, we read that they are divine women. There is no contradiction; both the statements are right.


Vanaparvam of Mahabharata also confirms that the stars are holy souls.


Stars like Rohini attains importance during marriages.

Stars like Krittikas attains importance during long fire sacrifices.


In fact, all the 27 stars are important in one way or other.

Arudra star is identified with Lord Shiva

Sravana is identified with Lord Vishnu

Krittikas are identified with Lord Skanda and the six women who raised him.

Every star has a story!


Tamil books and Sanskrit books give several names for each star and each one has some explanation. A scientific study will help us to understand these better.


I have illustrated the significance of the stars in four or five of my articles.





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