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Following stories in the Brahmanas are symbolic stories. They show that the Vedic Hindus were very intelligent and advanced in civilization. They talk about gold, goddess of speech, amicable solution, unity among good people etc.


“The Gods and Asuras contended together. The Gods were hostile to one another. Striving with one another for superiority, they parted into five divisions, Agni with the Vasus, Soma with the Rudras, Indra with the Maruts, Varuna with the Adityas and Brihaspati with the Visvedevas. They then reflected, ‘we are subject to our enemies, the Asuras, because we are hostile to one another. Let us unite our bodies; and whoever shall show enmity to another, let him be separated from his body. Hence anyone among our persons who have bound themselves together by an oath, who first commits an injury, falls into calamity. When a man joins in the oath ‘tananaptra’ for the purpose of overcoming his enemies, he conquers,  and his adversary is overcome.

–Taittiriya Samhita Ashtaka 6

Aitareya Brahmana 1-24 has the following story:-

The Devas were afraid, surmising the Asuras might become aware of their being disunited and seize their reign.  They marched out in several divisions and deliberated. Agni marched out with the Vasus and deliberated; Indra did go with the Rudras; Varuna with the Adityas; and Brihaspati with the Visvedevas. Thus all, having severally marched, deliberated. They said, ‘well let us put these our dearest bodies in the house of Varuna the king (water); he among us who should, out of greediness, transgress this oath, , not to do anything which might injure the sacrifice, he shall no more be joined with them’. They put their bodies in the house of Varuna. This putting their bodies I the house of Varuna the king became their ‘tananaptram (joining of bodies). Thence the Asuras could not conquer the gods’ empire, for they had all been made inviolable by the enemy”.



Angiras Vs Adityas

In the beginning, there were two kinds of beings here, the Adityas and the Angiras (both children of Prajapati). The Angiras then were the first to prepare a sacrifice, and having prepared the sacrifice they said to Agni. “Please announce to Adityas there would be a Soma sacrifice tomorrow and you will be the minister.


The Adityas spoke to one another and wondered why should they be ministering in the sacrifice. Then they decided to have one Soma feast on their own. They brought together the material for sacrifice and told Agni, “you have announced a Soma feast for tomorrow”. We have decided to have one today itself and let Angiras be the officiating priest. They sent back the Angiras a messenger about the feast.


But the Angiras were very angry with Agni. You went as our messenger and why didn’t you say ‘no’. The blameless chose me and I could not say ‘no’. The Angiras then officiated for the Adityas. This is called Sadhyakri. They brought Vach (goddess of speech) to them for their sacrificial fee. They aid, we cannot accept her. If we accept her we will be the losers. So it remained incomplete. Then they brought Surya (Sun) to them and they accepted him.

Whereupon the Angiras said, “we are fit for the sacrifice office; we are worthy to receive fees. Hence a white horse was the fee for the Sadhyakri. On the front of it was a golden ornament.


Now Vach was angry. It asked in what respect is that one better than I? Then she went away from them. Having become a lioness she went on seizing upon everything between those two contending parties, the gods and the Asuas. The gods called her to them and so did the Asuras. Agni was the messenger of the gods and one Sharakshas for the Asura-Rakshas. Being willing to go over to the gods, she said, ‘What would be mine if I were to come over to you.

“The offering will reach you even before it reaches Agni”. She then said to the gods, “Whatsover blessing you will invoke through me, all that shall be accomplished on to you. So she went over to the gods”—Satapata Brahmana 3-5-1-13



Mind is the Ocean

In the same Brahmana Vach is credited with  another service: “ Mind is the ocean. From Mind, the ocean, the gods, with Vach for a shovel, dug out the triple sciences, i.e. the Three Vedas. Wherefore this verse has been uttered – Sat Brah5-5-2-52



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