Boastfulness Anecdotes (Post No.4360)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 2 NOVEMBER 2017


Time uploaded in London- 16-21



Post No. 4360

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


Mark Twain’s Climax

Mark Twain, whenever feats of heroism or ingenuity were being bragged about, would come forth with a little story of his own which usually climaxed the discussion.


There was a fire in Hannibal one night and old man Hankinson got caught in the fourth story of the burning house. It looked as if he was a goner. None of the ladder s was long enough to reach him. The crowd started at one another, nobody could think of anything to do.


Then all of a sudden, boys, an idea occurred to me. Fetch a rope, I yelled, somebody fetch a rope, and with great presence of mind, I flung the end of it up to old man Hankinson. Tie it around your waist, I yelled. The old man did so, and I pulled him down.




500 years to build a cathedral!

An over patriotic American gazed at the superb masses of an European cathedral with its marvellous statues and ornaments and asked the guide how long it had taken to build. Five hundred years, replied the guide.


The American sniffed, Five hundred years. Why we would build a structure like that and have it fall to pieces on our hands all inside of two or three years.




Brother Jessi James was shot


A group of men in a bar room were exchanging wild boasts about their feats of courage and bravery. When the tall tales have almost stretched themselves to the limit, a quiet old Swede who had been silently drinking and listening, spoke up, I myself never do anything very brave said he, But my brudder, he call Yeasie Yames, a big sob………….The others were appalled

What they cried, he called Jessie James a s o b.


S O B = son of a bitch (slang)

My brudder he was drinking and he get pretty drunk. Yessie Yames was in same bar room . My brudder he go over and say Yessie Yames you are one big   s o b.

What did Jessie James do? Demanded listeners.

He shoot my brudder.

Xxx Subham xxxx


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