Most Famous Violin ‘Thief!’(Post No.4443)

COMPILED by London Swaminathan 


Date: 29 NOVEMBER 2017 


Time uploaded in London-  6-38 am



Post No. 4443

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.



Violin Practice-14 hours a day for 37 years!

Dr Axel Munthe, seated in the lounge of the Victoria Louise, was enthusiastically hailed by a brother physician.

What a genius you are! Thus the brother physician ended a long eulogy .

But Dr Munthe smiled and said, “A genius,eh? Well at his villa in Biarritz, Sarasate was once called a genius by a famous critic . But Sarasate (Spansih Violinist) frowned and shook his head.

“A genius!”,he said.

“For thirty seven years I have practiced fourteen hours a day, and now they call me a genius!”


Audience knew it!!!

Paderewski once explained that he practiced faithfully every day. If I miss one day s practice,said he, I notice it. If I miss three days, the audience s notice it.




‘Violin Thief!’

Fritz Kreisler, the violinist,found himself in Hamburg one evening with an hour to spare before taking his boat to London.

, where he was to play the following evening. So he wandered into a music shop.

The proprietor asked to see his violin which he carried under his arm. In a moment he disappeared, to reappear with two policemen. One laid his hand on Kreisler s shoulder and said,

“You are under arrest”.

“For what?” Asked Kreisler.

“You have Fritz Kreisler’s violin.”

“Well, I am Fritz Kreisler”.

“Come,come” said the policeman,

“You can’t pull that one on us . Come to the station”.


Kreisler s boat sailed in an hour.

He had to do some quick thinking.

“I looked around, he says, and in the corner, I saw a victrola. I asked the proprietor if he any of Kreisler s records, he produced The Old Refrain, put it on for me and played it through.”

“Now, I said, let me have my violin. Then with whatever skill I may command I played The Old Refrain. When I was through I said, Are you satisfied now?”

With profuse apologies, they bowed him out to freedom.



World’s Greatest Violinist!

It is said that Jescha Heifetz and Mischa Elman were dining together in a restaurant much frequented by artists. The waiter approached the table with an envelope which bore simply the inscription

To the worlds greatest violinist

Heifetz, who has picked it from the tray bowed and handed it across the table and said

“For you,Mischa”

Elman read it and said “No,no” and handed it back

“Something for you,Jascha”.

Thus they shilly shallied back and forth until finally Heifetz was persuaded to open it. He drew out the letter and unfolded it.

It began,” Dear Fritz”.

(Fritz Kreisler was a famous Austrian born violist)

Xxxx SUBHAM xxxx


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